No. We are not doing second sales, nor first.

In 2019 we already announced that it might be our last sales and, since then, we have totally disassociated ourselves from that term, in fact we have positioned ourselves by going one step further with campaigns such as:

At Minimalism we do not offer sales or discount codes. It is not our proposal, we do not play that.

The sales, as a general rule, focus on eliminating the stock accumulated during the first 6 months of the year and trying to dispose of this stock at a more affordable price.

For us this does not make sense.

Our products are timeless , they are basic, manufactured in a sustainable way at affordable prices, always looking for their durability.

That's why it squeaks us a bit, although we respect it, when we receive daily emails about "second sales", "discounted prices" or "only this week everything at 60%" .

Two years ago we decided to explain how much it costs us to manufacture each of our products , you can see it on each product sheet and on the labels of the sweatshirts and t-shirts.

In this act of transparency we not only want to explain the cost of the garment itself. We also want to educate our clients so that they know how much it costs to manufacture a product in Spain or Portugal , with organic or recycled raw material.

Sustainability and awareness of a more sustainable future is not only part of us, the brands, it is also part of the customers who trust more every day to give a more conscious future a chance. Thank you, really, for the support you give us with each of your purchases.

Obviously we like to sell , we are a growing brand and we have to make ourselves known. To solve this need for discounts, we rely on packs (the basis of our sales), with them we manage to lower shipping costs on orders and reduce the carbon footprint of our orders (we have measured it with this audit in case you want to at a glance , the projects with which we collaborate so that the impact of our products is zero) also appear).

We will continue NOT making sales . We will continue to offer PACKS to be competitive in price. But we will always maintain the philosophy of the brand :

"Sustainable products, manufactured in Spain and Portugal at affordable prices that last over time."

If this resonates with you take a look. We are here to change this industry together.

August 25, 2021

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