Sustainable manufacturing


We manufacture in a conscious and responsible way, enhancing the quality and durability of each product.


Products that last

100% organic or recycled fabrics used, giving special importance to durability. We do not use material of animal origin and we work to minimize the footprint we leave on the environment.


Our factories

Full transparency. Join us.



Attention to detail

We do not use plastics in any logistics process of the company. Our packaging and shipping bags are made from recycled cardboard and compostable materials. And if you have clothes that you no longer need, we take care of collecting them and giving them a second life.


A fair price for everyone

At Minimalism we choose to offer a fair price to all members of the chain: cotton producers, sewing workshops, logistics center managers... We have all the necessary controls to guarantee fair wages and stipulated hours.

Here we manufacture our products


All our certified organic cotton garments ( sweatshirts , t- shirts , underpants , socks ...) are produced in Portugal, in the city of Guimaraes, 500 km from our logistics center.


All our bags are made with recycled polyester in a small workshop in Madrid, 20 km from our logistics center. We currently have three models of wallets: black , gray and green .


All our backpacks are made in Vietnam from 100% recycled polyester with Global Recycled Standard, ISO 9001 and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification.