Let's give extra life to your clothes

We all know that many clothing brands do nothing to make their clothes last. Based fast fashion and cheap production. If the garment lasts you a season, it is already a milestone.

It's not what we're looking for (at all) at Minimalism .

For us, as a quality essential clothing company, this makes no sense. In fact, we always promote the opposite: Buy little, of quality and that lasts over time.

It is in our philosophy, in our DNA, to work to make our garments last as long as possible, so today we want to extend the useful life of our clothes by giving them an extra life .

Explanatory video




We repair your Minimalism garments

At Minimalism we launched "Minimalism Brand Repara" a service to extend the life of our garments ( t-shirts , socks , underpants ...)

How does it work? In the following video we tell you all the steps you must follow when repairing a garment:


Garment repair process summary:

  • Take a photo of your garment before it is repaired
  • Take it to your neighborhood seamstress. This way you avoid unnecessary shipments.
  • Send us a photo with the repair and the cost of it and we will make you a gift card for your next order. Email hello@minimalismbrand.com


    Consult the process in detail

    Our durability values

    Before finishing we would like to highlight the key actions that we follow at Minimalism so that the clothes have higher quality and last longer over time:

    • Manufacturing certificates. We always manufacture with OCS100 organic cotton (without chemicals, pesticides or insecticides, making the garments age better by treating the cotton plant less).
    • Quality standards. We work with factories whose quality standards are very high, thus ensuring that the products last longer over time.
    • Nearby manufacturing. 98% of our products are manufactured in Europe and 2% are manufactured in Vietnam.
    • Compensation of the carbon footprint of each manufactured product, minimizing the impact on the environment.

    The future of garment repair

    I hope one day we will have our own repair centers like Patagonia or Veja have. For now, this is our small grain of sand so that our garments have a longer useful life.

    The goal is not only to buy less, it is to buy better, it is to buy products that last longer over time.


    November 23, 2023

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