From the beginning we were clear that the company had to be transparent in every way. We understand that this is the new way of creating business.

Fair prices for everyone

In all the product sheets and on the labels you will find a breakdown that will help you understand the cost. At Minimalism we offer a fair price for all members of the chain, from cotton farmers, garment workshops in Portugal... to the final consumer.

All data open

We show everything: annual turnover, investment in marketing, profitability, evolution... If you have all the data you will be able to make better decisions. Note that with our economic activity we help create quality jobs, as well as respectful and durable products.

Enter our factory

Our garments are made in Portugal, less than 500 km from our logistics center. All our products are made with organic or recycled materials, without any plastic in the process.

We share our learnings


We interview entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists... who speak to us openly about everything (turnover, growth, team...). We have chatted with Blue Banana , Heura , Laagam , Syra Coffee ...


We've shared everything since day one. Articles like: "Our logistics center" or "How have we financed the company?" They can be very helpful if you are going to set up your own project.


We also share our reflections, such as why our garments do not have a logo or why we believe that the industry and the way of consumption have ceased to be human .

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