Between fear and skepticism the trees, the rivers and the winds scream.

Haste and comfort take us away from awareness and empathy, as a society we have inexplicably decided that the economy is more important than the planet and humanity. Until now we have not been able to reach and not destroy.

Does it make sense to pollute to manufacture? Does it make sense to buy without thinking? Does this current form of consumption make sense?


The state has failed. The system has failed. Fanaticism is a train that is easy to get on. Our greatest enemy is ourselves, our ego that steals our consciousness and takes us away from what is important.


The industry and the form of consumption have ceased to be human. They do not belong to this world, they do not put the human or the ecosystem in the center. There is no other option but to review them, transform them and humanize them. There is another way of doing things.


Brands have existed for a few decades. The homo-consumer needs to have and belong in order to sleep peacefully. I am one if my shirt is marked with a logo. I will be whatever, but I am, and that seems to be the only important thing, right?

Concept "brand"

History has given brands unnecessary power, society seeks in us the exact reflection of what they need to be, but:

What if you don't need to be anything? And if you don't need brands? And if you don't need flags? What if what they have told you is not the truth? What if you keep asking yourself questions until you're really free?

From love and innovation we want to change the way of consumption and make sustainability accessible to anyone and any family. We also want you to ask yourself questions and not settle for what they tell you. We are not fashion, we are not a brand, do not associate us with anything because we are nothing. We are just a mirror that is right in front of you, if after a few seconds in front of the reflection you like what you see,

Welcome to minimalism.

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