Be part (active) of Minimalism

‎If you're looking for a regular affiliate program, this might not be for you. At Minimalism we do things differently, so we have created two paths: the Affiliate path and the Ambassador path.

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If you want to be an affiliate and get 10% on each of the sales that come from your channels , click here . It's simple, you just have to create an account and a personalized link will be generated for you to share with your audience. But if you also want to help us to co-create products, to think, to understand, to chat, to mature, to learn in both directions and to question everything we do from the brand inwards... It is possible that being an affiliate is "short" for you " and you are interested in being an ambassador. If so, keep reading.

Ambassador program, what can we offer you from Minimalism?

Access to our community

You will have access to our Discord channel and from time to time we make video calls to exchange ideas between everyone, from internal issues to future products or manufacturing.

Become a beta tester

You will have access to products from our website at almost cost price. We want our ambassadors to be clear about the quality of the products, and their durability, in order to obtain better feedback .

Greater economic benefits

You will have your own affiliate link with which you will get a 15% commission per sale. This percentage can be exchanged for Minimalism products from our store or for liquid money.

How to become an Ambassador?

We are not going to ask you for your networks, your traffic or anything like that. But if what we have told you resonates with you and you want to be part of this ambassador program, control group, group of friends... let's call it X, we leave you this so you can send what you want. You are free, express yourself as you like.

Once we receive the email, we will study it and contact you.

Thank you for being part of this. We continue!