Today we launch a new collection and recycling service for used clothing. Zero Textile Residue.

We return to give a twist to our function and purpose. As a company we produce, manufacture and generate waste. We try to do this in the most conscious and humane way possible (using organic fabrics, controlling the impact on the entire value chain, using recycled packaging, etc...). But it is totally unavoidable to create new, long-lasting products that do not have a minimum impact. That is why we want to balance this impact and we have the responsibility to take care of those garments that you are going to stop using when you buy one of our products.

Our goal is to be Zero Textile Residue, that for each t-shirt we manufacture we collect at least the same number of garments.

How do we do it? We base ourselves on the 3Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

Since our inception we have promoted responsible consumption . Based on these arguments, we have created campaigns such as: "Don't buy it if you don't need it" (Black Friday 2019) or "Don't buy it, it's not the time" (March 2020).

And now we close the circle by recycling and reusing your clothes:

We have enabled the ZERO TEXTILE WASTE option in the purchase process so that, if the customer selects it, at the same time that the carrier delivers the Minimalism order, the customer delivers up to 500 grams of clothing to be reused or recycled depending on your state. At the moment only for the peninsula.

This textile waste that the client will collect will be donated to Recumadrid , where it will be analyzed manually and divided according to its condition.

Clothes that are in good condition will be sold in your store at a very low cost. We have to emphasize that with the money from this sale there is no benefit for any of the companies. What is promoted is the incursion into the labor market of people at risk of social and labor exclusion, thus giving them a new opportunity and a reason.

Clothes that cannot be sold will be recycled to give them a second life in the future.

We have enabled the ZERO TEXTILE WASTE option free of charge for orders over €60 and at a cost of €5 for orders under €60 . With this we do not gain anything, in fact, we cover the costs of reverse logistics of the entire process as well as labor.

With this movement, ZERO TEXTILE WASTE, we managed to close the circle of textile production and fulfill one of our main purposes as a brand. We are aware of how we manufacture, how we sell and, from today, we will try to give a second life to those garments that are not used and that can be very useful for others.

As we say in the video:

"If your principles don't cost you money, they are just opinions"

October 28, 2020


Silvia said:

Hola, que alegría para empezar el día haberos descubierto…no sé ni cómo he llegado 🧐🙂
Felicidades por vuestro trabajo, es bueno para todos, y eso no es lo frecuente.
Un saludo,

Francesc Picanyol said:

Hola, el link a vuestro reporte de facturación no lleva a él sino a un artículo sobre residuo cero. En algún momento de la compra había visto también el escandallo del producto y no recuerdo haberlo visto en mis últimas compra. Supongo que es un error. Siempre os pongo como ejemplo de transparencia y vanguardistas en cuanto cuanto a transparencia. El hecho de mostrar vuestros costes y márgenes os convierte en un referente para el futuro. ;-)

María said:

Como funciona el sistema de recogida?

Amanda said:

Hola, he marcado esta opcion y me gustaria saber como tengo que entregar la ropa para reciclar, en que formato?


Carlota said:

Muy buena idea, me parece genial.

Eugenio said:

Enhorabuena por la iniciativa, ¡me encanta! Gracias por todo lo que hacéis.

Javier said:


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