Today we take another step in our corporate transparency policy. It may seem trivial to you, but for us every detail is important and decisive. Since April, you can find the price of each garment and pack explained and broken down in all the product sheets on this website.

Since this week we have also included in the garments (for now only in sweatshirts , hoodies and t- shirts ) an inside label where you can see the costs of materials, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and the gross margin of that garment. We have taken advantage of the mandatory washing and care label to avoid having to produce a new one.

This decision has not been easy for us since we have had to let go of some things learned. But it seems to us the most fair, honest and conscious.

We want you to have all the information and make a conscious purchase. It seems essential to us to give you this type of data. We even risk saying that in several years it will be something highly demanded by any client before making any purchase. The time has come to transform the opacity installed in the textile industry.

Here you can also see a video of how and where we manufacture our garments in Portugal.

Thank you very much. Big hug from the whole team.


October 23, 2020 — Victor Rodado


Carlos Goga said:

Lo que llamáis “gross profit” se entiende mejor como “contribution margin” porque es la contribución del producto a todo lo que no son costes directos: gastos generales, inversiones, financiación y beneficio.
Llamarlo “profit” es confuso.
En cualquier caso, enhorabuena por la iniciativa. Os adoro.
Abrazo fuerte

Maite said:

Opino igual que Brenda, ojalá esto sea un ejemplo para muchas más marcas. ¡Gracias por inspirarnos y por ser tan honestos!

Maite said:

Opino igual

Enda Breslin said:

Fantastic, and BRAVE initiative. I hope more brands will follow your lead in being disruptive.

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