Hello! In today's post/video we take you inside our factories in Porto, Portugal . Exactly to the city of Guimaraes and Barceló, places where the workshops and factories where we make our products are located.

There are many of you who ask us by different means ( Instagram , mail, comments...) about the manufacturing processes that we follow, about our certificates, about the handling of organic cotton, about the factories or about the salary of the people. that we have employees.

Well, on the last trip we made to the factories, we went every month and a half approximately, we took our camera (we have everything recorded from the day we sold the first bag 3 years ago until today, a bit of a freak, yes, my fault . ..) and we have made a short video so that you can see something more about the process and you can have more information about the textile industry.

In this way we continue to open the doors of our company. We have already explained to you what the margins of our products are and what our mission is as a brand without a logo.

Any questions we are at your entire disposal, we hope that more brands continue to join transparent businesses. Every day we are more.

Thank you all for making this possible 🖤

October 21, 2020


Roger said:

De donde vienen los tejidos con los que producís la ropa?

Carlos said:


Gorka said:

Siento que hay un TDM; trabajo, disciplina y mentalización hacia una concepto de piezas y complementos personales totalmente diferente. Felicidades por la transparencia tan cercana y palpable.

En el próximo contenido me gustaría saber el porqué del embalaje de vuestras prenda más personales (camisetas y ropa interior).

Seguir así

JR said:

Lo estáis haciendo muy bien, a todos los niveles: producto, responsabilidad y comunicación. Enhorabuena!

Héctor Delgado said:

Me encanta vuestra política de transparencia. Sin duda os seguiré comprando cuando necesite ropa ;)

Edu Carballo said:

Bravo! Lo vuestro es de nivel…con ganas de que saquéis nuevos productos y así tener una buena parte de mi vestimenta con vosotros!

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