It was time to recap our main numbers and advances. We knew that 2020 was going to be a before and after for Minimalism, but we were not capable of intuiting everything that was happening. Here's a quick tour of everything we've been experiencing since January.


At the beginning of the year, as always, the whole team got together to analyze in detail what we had achieved, what we wanted to achieve and thoroughly review the purpose. From there came "the New Minimalism" that finally saw the light at the end of April. Everything was ready to launch in mid-March, but we all know what happened in those days.

The proclamation of the state of alarm caught us right in the studio doing the photo shoot with everything new that was coming. That day we said goodbye with a strange feeling, we had used the first 3 months of the year to prepare everything, leaving billing and growth aside. We had been preparing what was to come for two years, the real reason why we launched Minimalism was about to see the light… but something was happening in the world that disturbed any plan for anything.

A few days after that session we had to cancel the offline launch event. We met in Madrid Río and had a meeting to make important decisions. We had 3 open fronts, when do we launch the new? Do we have enough cash in the bank if everything collapses in 3-4 months? What position do we take as a brand? After several excels, we observed that our structure of variable expenses and fixed expenses still gave us many months to breathe (lowering salaries to almost zero and eliminating investment in advertising).

A few days after the lockdown we decided to stop the launch and close the store until further notice. Our position as a brand was clear, you don't need us right now. We decided to get away from the noise and use our channels to reflect with our #Let's Reflect campaign. The truth is that we did not imagine the repercussion and success that we had. Thousands of emails, messages and tweets where we verified that the decision had been the correct one.


We spent a little over a month with the store closed and at the end of April we launched the New Minimalism. It was the first day of everything to come, an evolved brand approach with new products and with the purpose of making sustainability accessible. Offer high quality with all budgets in mind, sustainable manufacturing in Portugal and confirm the “No Logo” philosophy .

The first day of launch we broke all the billing records we had, and the months of May and June were very, very good. From very early on we realized that our community had understood what we wanted to express . We ran out of stock several times and we sold with pre-sales so as not to miss a beat and be able to serve everyone who wanted to buy from us. We sold 5,049 garments from April to May, more than double what we had sold in ALL of 2019. We were very happy.

In these months we had all our senses focused on every detail, and the number of messages that reached us from many women who wanted to be part of the brand did not go unnoticed. They wanted clothes for themselves, and for that very reason in June we decided to co-create with all these women the first line of women's clothing.


After two very good months in numbers , we decided to launch women's clothing on July 20 . We take data from the surveys we did, we design the new garments and after approving the samples we start manufacturing in Portugal.

While July became the best month of the year, growing 49% vs. last year, the launch of women's clothing was very nice. We noticed that there were many people waiting for him. In just under a month we have sold almost 500 garments (in a week we will start sending all of them, thanks for understanding the wait).

But it is not only a matter of numbers, it is a matter of sensations. We cannot hide that we are very happy and we have a great challenge ahead of us until the end of the year. New products are coming and the goal is to continue creating high-quality basics, with prices for everyone, consciously manufactured.


We have two sources of organic traffic, this blog and the podcast, which gradually make our community bigger. One of the objectives that we have as a brand is that our clients understand what we do, how we do it and why we do it and, in addition, that they transmit it to their environment so that the community continues to grow.

That is why we have opened our affiliate program for all our clients (you can earn money that you can redeem in Minimalism) and, in addition, we have started collaborating with content creators, such as Carlos Ríos, Samuel Gavilán, Abel Rincón or Chema Solís, who have our same values ​​(sustainability, conscientiousness, price, manufacturing, design and minimalism).

On Instagram we are already almost 30,000. Thanks.

And now the numbers ;)


€121,500 turnover

2405 orders

9899 garments sold

161,000 visits

1.30% conversion

€50 medium cart and going up 😉

5 products on average per order

27% recurrence in purchase

A greeting from the whole team!

August 19, 2020 — Victor Rodado


Romina said:

Hoy un profesor de la facultad, aquí en Buenos Aires, nos presentó su estilo, propuesta y marca, para una clase de la tecnicatura en Comercio Electrónico. Me quedé fascinada con vuestra filosofía chicos. Les dejo un gran abrazo. aplausos y Muchas Gracias por existir!

Javier García Oliver said:

Enhorabuena Víctor y equipo! Yo sigo encantado con mi cartera Minimalism. Os deseo lo mejor! Un abrazo

Saray said:

Enhorabuena por los datos y las ventas!!! Me gustaría comentaros que hace tiempo pedisteis opinión de cómo nos gustaría q fuera la ropa de mujer… fuimos unas cuantas las que os escribimos pero no recibimos respuesta… cuidáis mucho los detalles de vuestro público y por eso me sorprendió. Muchas gracias!

arcinda said:

Felicidades! Me encanta! Espero poder pronto comprar. Soy una joven latinoamericana y me gustaría comprarles en cuanto pueda!

Jordi said:

Enhorabuena !!!
Espero que pronto podáis incluir en vuestra oferta las camisetas de manga larga.

Joel said:

Felicidades! El trabajo bien hecho siempre tiene su recompensa.

Raúl Ecodicta said:

Felicidades por la evolución y el desarrollo! A seguir 💪

Miguel said:

Me encanta el estilo con el que llevan el negocio, felicidades y mucho éxito!

Lizeth said:

Juntos, podemos volver a despegar 🚀

¡Sigan así!

Fernando said:

No está nada, mal, ¿no? Enhorabuena por esos números y sobre todo, la filosofía.

Daniel Peris said:


Irene said:


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