It is the day, one of the most important since we were born. One of our great objectives as a project is fulfilled: launching women's clothing.

¿Why is it so important? Change has to come from everyone for everyone and women are a key part of this change. Apart from ideologies, women are social, women are progress and women are protagonists of the new world in which we want to live together. We cannot transform anything without women as part of Minimalism.

We launched 4 garments that every woman could wear in her day to day, thinking about comfort and durability . We wanted to start with underwear and a simple t-shirt since they are one of the most necessary garments for everyone's life:

Thong and culottes . Two types of panties for depending on the situation and day. Both made with certified organic cotton. We think that the best underwear is the one you don't notice, that's why we have prioritized softness and comfort. They have a single very fine seam on the back and the stitching on the edges is designed to last a long time in your wardrobe.

Bralette . This has been our great challenge in recent months. We wanted to create a very very comfortable garment that is suitable for as many women as possible. We know that bras are delicate garments since there are many types of bodies, that is why we have created a simple and unadorned garment, thinking of utility above all else. Soft to the touch, with a small grip tape at the bottom, no padding or underwire, triple snap back to fit many back and bust sizes. We hope you find it useful and make your day to day easier. In addition, with our size calculator it will be very easy for you to know the bralette size you need according to your body.

Basic t-shirt. We have created a women's cut t-shirt, with the same yarn and construction as the men's t-shirts. It is simple, without logos and we release it in 3 colors for now (white, black and grey). 100% organic cotton and from size XS to XL.

We remind you that several weeks ago we also launched smaller sizes of ankle socks and organic pinkies.

We maintain the essence and form of everything we have done so far for men. Made in Portugal with certified organic cotton. In the product sheets we explain in detail the manufacturing costs and benefits of each garment. We launched several packs so you can save and combine products. And above all, we have put affordable prices on high-quality garments .

The pre-sale begins today and we will start sending the garments the first week of August. If you want to get hold of any of our garments but you are not going to be in your home or office during August, let us know by email ( ) to tell us when you want to receive them.

As of today we are already working on new products and releases that will arrive after the summer. All feedback is welcome 🙂

July 20, 2020 — Victor Rodado


Kelaia said:

Estaría bien que también realizarais camisetas de manga larga para invierno! Gracias.

Yaneth said:

Holaa, muy feliz de haber encontrado su tienda pero quisiera saber las medidas que usan antes de pedir las bragas. Sería buenísimo si nos pudieran decir al menos que talla están usando las modelos o tener una leyenda de las medidas.

Gracias por su trabajo! <3

Luis said:

Hola buenas, encontré su tienda el otro día a través de un canal de YouTube llamado

“Samuel Gavilán Minimalismo”. Vi la tienda y me encantó, incluso vi que hacen envíos a latinoamerica donde resido actualmente y me puse muy feliz porque podría hacer un pedido. Ahora, estaba tratando de encontrarles buscando palabras como “ropa minimalista hombre” “ropa minimalista” etc… Les animo a que prueben a encontrarse ustedes mismos porque a mi me fue imposible, tuve que volver al canal de YouTube ya mencionado y entrar por allí. ¡Ojalá y sepan ver ese sector hispanohablante que busque “minimalismo” y no “minimalism” y aprovechen la oportunidad! Su producto parece ser de gran valor, además personalmente me encantó la filosofía “no logo”. Un saludo grande y espero que me lean jeje se que nada tiene que ver con el artículo de arriba.


Buenas tardes, que alegría ropa de calidad a precios asequibles, ya si hacéis envíos a Canarias será lo más…

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