We come with another new video to explain to you how we choose (and how they choose us), the factories we work with at Minimalism .

In general terms, we choose our factories for sustainability (yes, a totally diffuse and general term, we know) that is why we want to explain what it means and how we make decisions when choosing suppliers.

In this video we explain it in more detail:

Closeness, quality and durability

We try to make all products as close as we can, always prioritizing the quality and durability of the products. For us it doesn't make sense to do something that doesn't last, whether it's done in Spain, Portugal or Vietnam. That is why we manufacture as closely as possible, always respecting our quality and durability standards. That said, 10% of the products are made in Spain, 85% are made in Portugal and 5% are made in Vietnam.



Each garment that leaves the warehouse must have the relevant fabric and garment certificates. If the factories do not guarantee us these certificates, we do not work with them. In cotton products we have the OCS100 (Organic content Standard 100) certificate and in recycled polyester it is Global Recycled Standard .


Visit to factories

We have a maxim: If we can work in the facilities where we manufacture the products, we can manufacture with that supplier. This means that if when visiting the factory we see light, cleanliness and a pleasant environment, the factory is optimal for our brand.


Salaries and employment

Our industry has more demand than supply. This means that every day more qualified people are demanded to make our garments. This means that the wages paid in the factory are above the average wages in other similar industries. Needless to say, in the case of factories in Spain and Portugal, we are governed by European employment and salary regulations. And in the factories in Vietnam we have a salesperson who makes periodic visits to the factory to verify that the correct employment conditions are met to produce our backpacks .


Learn about the traceability of our organic cotton garments such as t-shirts , underpants , socks ... Information available on the product pages.

September 26, 2023 — Jesús Castillejo

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