Today we bring you the first comparison of backpacks.

We compare the Minimalism 360 model with the Northface Vault

Minimalism backpack: Recycled and waterproof polyester

One of the main characteristics of the Minimalism backpack is that it is made of recycled polyester. This means that material that has already been used is used and given a second life. On the other hand, the Northface backpack is not made from recycled materials. In addition, the Minimalism backpack is waterproof and has heat-sealed seams to prevent water from entering. This is a great advantage for those who live in areas with a rainy climate or for those who need to protect their belongings from the rain.

Divided and separate space for laptop and dirty clothes in the Minimalism backpack

Another unique feature of the Minimalism backpack is that it has separate space for a laptop and for shoes or dirty clothes. This is especially useful for those who need to travel frequently or for those who hit the gym after work. In the Northface backpack, there is no specific space for these areas, which can be awkward and impractical.

Both backpacks are made in Vietnam

It is important to note that both backpacks are made in Vietnam, which means that local workers are involved in the production of both backpacks. However, the Minimalism backpack uses recycled materials and is designed to be durable and waterproof, making it a more sustainable and responsible option.


Ultimately, choosing the right backpack can make a big difference in your experience carrying your belongings. The Minimalism backpack offers unique features, such as the use of recycled polyester and a waterproof structure, as well as a separate space for the laptop and dirty clothes. These features can make the Minimalism backpack a better option for those looking for a durable and sustainable backpack.

June 27, 2023 — Pepe Martín Garcia

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