Come on, more than half of the year has already passed and we want to tell you how everything is going. If you have followed our trail you will have seen that we have not stopped, that we have launched very nice projects and that little by little we are building the Minimalism that we wanted to have since we started in 2017. In this post we summarize the numbers so far this year , some of the things that have happened and others that are about to happen:


Total turnover €530,992

72% growth vs year 2020

Online orders 4,147

Items sold 45,600

Average ticket €57.58

% repetition 30.7%

200kg recycled clothing


The reality is that we have grown a lot so far this year, we are harvesting everything that has been sown and more and more people know and recommend us. We started the year with two key projects for the future of Minimalism: Carbon Neutral and the internal audit we did of our value chain. We intend not to hold back anything and that you have all the necessary information before buying, which is why we put ourselves in the hands of the Greenstory team to analyze our products, production and logistics. Since March you can see the impact of your purchases and we also donate 1% of the money you spend in our store to offset the unavoidable carbon footprint that we generate in online sales.


We have been a busy year in this line, and watch out for what comes. We launched a toiletry bag made from recycled plastics, new colors of t-shirts, a men's swimsuit and long and short jogger pants . Our great objective in this area is that you can cover a large part of your basic needs with one of our products, which is why before the end of the year we are going to launch a new line of products that makes us even more horizontal. We have been working and testing products for months to take this important step for us. Attention!


Much of the year we live in the facilities of Lanzadera, in Valencia. We have been there for 4 months and we have found it to be a great experience, very enriching and with many learnings. It is very nice and useful to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs with problems similar to yours, contrast ideas and contribute everything you can. It was a challenge for us to present our idea of ​​management and growth to other startups with different priorities and speeds. We get good friends, learning and walks on the beach.


Without a doubt this has been the craziest thing we've done since we were born. Very nice things have happened and others very hard and complicated to manage. It has been a real privilege to be part of this campaign, producing this shirt with such a message has been very important to us . The idyllic goal when we started the project was to sell about 10,000 garments, but many more garments ended up being sold in a matter of days. It caught us all by surprise and we have suffered a lot with our workshops to meet all the dates set and promised. Production problems, liquidity and payment problems, the entry of other suppliers into manufacturing, problems in general that we have managed to solve after a few very demanding months in all aspects. Today we are calm, but to be honest we have had complicated days, with a lot of tension and uncertainty.

In addition to this campaign, we launched "La Vida Bio" with Asana, "Declárate Libre" with Declarando and we made a capsule collection with MyRealFood by Carlos Ríos.


10 new episodes so far this year, each one more interesting and with loads of learning. TooGoodtoGo, Laagam, Santa Fixie and Syra Coffee among others. We have also started to record ourselves on video so that you can see the fun we always have. The idea is to continue bringing conscientious and innovative companies to tell us what's behind it.


Last year we launched our Zero Textile Residue project so that when you place an order at Minimalism you can also deliver your unused clothes, we recycle them for you. This year we decided to open it to everyone , whoever wants to have the certificate simply has to write to us here and we will help you at no cost in all the integration of the service on your website and logistics.

We are excited and prepared for the remainder of 2021, a very intense and necessary year for us. Any questions you have tell us, we will be happy to answer.

Take care and lots of love!

September 14, 2021


Pablo José said:

Como siempre un ejercicio de transparencia y honestidad. Gracias por crear una marca así. Que ganas de conocer los nuevos productos. Mil abrazos.

Oier said:

Grande Victor! Marca transparente y con tono propio. Valores y mensaje alineados con los productos👍🏻👍🏻 A seguir trabajando

Teresa said:

Sois un ejemplo, gracias!!

Álvaro said:

A seguir dando caña.

Jose said:

Felicidades y por muchos éxitos más! Deseando ver lo nuevo que vais a lanzar y esperando que una de esas novedades sean los slips…

Julio said:


Todo bien trabajo tiene su recompensa!!! Seguir así

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