At Minimalism we have always worked for and to be free.

In fact, we do not see the company as an end, we see it as a means in which the entire team can have the ability to choose where to live, what time to get up or with whom to share their energy.

Obviously this could not be achieved without our customers and our community . Thanks again, for making us grow little by little and for being part of the change.

If you know the project from the beginning, you will already know the following about "our freedom" :

  • We work remotely from day 1
  • We travel as much as we can to nourish ourselves with other cultures and people
  • We do not have fixed hours
  • Each person in the team lives where they want
  • Our garments do not have brands or logos so that we do not belong to anyone and no one belongs to us
  • We do not identify with a specific religion or political tendency
  • We believe in nothing and we believe in everything

*You can read our manifesto here

declare yourself free

In the country in which we live, and declare taxes, there is only one way to be able to do this at the fiscal/labour level, being self-employed.

We are not going to go into whether the self-employment quota is very high, if they fry us with taxes or if the freedom to be self-employed in Spain is false. No, in the campaign that we are launching today, together with Declaring , we will focus on the realities of our daily lives represented with three designs that combine irony, humour, freedom and reality.

The campaign takes the name of: "Declare yourself free" . Unifying the freedom in which we work every day in Minimalism and the freedom offered by the use of Declarando services.


To carry out this campaign we have chosen three key moments in the life of a freelancer:

  • Freedom : Represented by the illustrator 72 Kilos . The image speaks of freedom, surfing the wave and life, growing up and believing.


  • Autonomopoly : Represented by Lucreativo . Where, ironically and with a touch of humor, recalling the Monopoly game, we talk about the tax difficulties we have being self-employed and how difficult it is to "win the game".


  • Currando in bed : Represented by Jose Antonio Roda. Where we touch the duality between freedom and responsibility. Freedom to work in pajamas and from bed, but also the responsibility of never being able to get sick since our income depends on our working hours.


This collaboration with Declarando can be purchased on our website from June 30 and will end on July 20 (date on which all self-employed must pay "the quarterly").

We will continue working to be free, we hope that you are also working on it.

June 30, 2021

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