We were recently at theMuroexe offices. We loved being there with his entire team for what was going to be a 40-minute meeting but ended up being a little over two hours. Pepe and I were shocked by the brand concept they have: #DOTHEFUTURE . It is simple, descriptive and powerful. We had not reached the street after the meeting and we were already talking about this. The same thing had happened to both of us, it was at that very moment when we realized how powerful Minimalism is as a brand .

We were invaded by the feeling that our concept is logical, inevitable and necessary for a generation in which we include ourselves and that, in part, we represent. This phrase defines quite well what we mean:

"They told us to follow set steps to achieve 'success' and boy did they sneak it in." You can read it in full in this POST

Just as we left there full of desire and ambition, we realized that we were not making a good communication to the world about our brand and our concept. From the beginning we have talked about transparency (click here to see our billing), responsibility, electronic commerce and freedom (as we understand it). Many people who write to us and follow us believe that we are a company that will launch products with a minimalist design, tiny and elegant. It is not like that, for us design is important but it will never be our priority .

We needed a phrase that would identify the brand concept behind each decision that Pepe and I make. In a few hours this phrase came to Pepe 's head, and I promise you that when I read it, it gave me a brutal high. It was just what we had in mind: Minimal life, free future.

Designs, colors or sizes do not fit in this slogan. Minimalism Brand is a way of seeing and living life . As far as possible, do not condition your present and your future to only material things. Here we could talk about 40-year mortgages, cars, unnecessary luxuries... but surely you know where the shots are going.

The idea is to adapt the minimalist life to each one of us , taking into account that non-material experiences are what define you and make you grow. We also believe in the value that each one can contribute, sharing knowledge with others, supporting each other with a lot of work and striving to live life in our own way and not in the way of others.

We exist to provide an entire generation of functional, durable and affordable products. Products to live experiences, learn and achieve the freedom that each one wants.

This is Minimalism Brand and that is why the slogan is: Minimal life, free future.

If you have questions you can contact us at hola@minimalism.es, we will respond in less than 24 hours.


September 30, 2018


Javier said:

Enhorabuena por vuestro trabajo. Creo que somos muchos los que nos sentimos identificados con TODA vuestra filosofía concentrada en una pequeña carterita. Saludos a todo el equipo

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