What a 3 months of summer! July, August and September. We return, like every 3 months, to summarize everything that has happened. We knew that this summer was going to be a before or after, for better or for worse. So it has been. We have grown as a project and we have made some decisions that will radically change the following months. In this post, and as a novelty, we tell you all the investment in online marketing.

First we show you the numbers and we finish the post with a complete summary of what happened.

THE NUMBERS, from July 1 to September 30

traffic :

50,107 total visits

37,999 unique visits

12,294 visits to the blog

59.18% rebound

1min:32 secs average duration of the visit

78.99% of traffic is from smartphones

Orders and conversions:

1365 orders through our ecommerce

193 orders through Amazon

Our online store had a conversion of 3.59% from unique visit to purchase

3.75% of customers have bought again

The 3 best-selling wallets are black (361 units), maroon (298 units), blue (277 units).


The total turnover joining all the sales channels is €31,605

The average income per cart is €18.94.

Note that this is billing, not profit.

Investment in marketing:

Advertising on Facebook Ads €6,573.23

We have done an action with Forocoches that has a variable and fixed investment part. We will tell you all the data in a post.


It has been our first summer and we have learned many things. July was the second best month in our history and in August we noticed the famous “seasonality”. We have managed to bring high quality traffic (less traffic than last quarter and more sales) and increase the conversion from user to sale. We have invested practically the same in online marketing as in the last quarter, but we have achieved higher turnover and profitability .

We were at Madcool selling handbags , we also went to the beach for three days (BeMarket in Benicassim) to publicize our brand, and we repeated this past September at the Design Market. We have to confess that we are crazy about being in a market and that there are more and more people who come and tell us "I already have your wallet!". It seems to us a wonderful opportunity to tell what we really are, which is what we are talking about now.

“Minimal life, free future” is our new slogan that perfectly explains what we are. We exist for that generation of people who want to live a minimalist, modern and free life (as everyone understands it). We are not minimalist design or minimalist products…we are minimalist life. For this reason, we have made the decision to launch a new product that will give even more meaning to the brand , and that we hope to be able to tell you about shortly.

These months we have worked together and apart for many months, me in Japan and Pepe in Nepal. The company continues to function, even better if possible. The distance sometimes brings us closer, it's curious.

We did a pilot launch in Mexico and it worked spectacularly. We had stock for a month and in just 10 days we sold everything. This quarter we hope to go BOOM again in that part of the world, we'll see.

We continue working, both to continue growing, and to be able to bring you a little closer to our philosophy and way of seeing the world.

So, whether you are one of the first to follow us, or whether you have just recently arrived in our world, that you know that we are following, it is only the beginning.

If you have questions you can contact us at hola@minimalism.es, we will respond in less than 24 hours.


October 08, 2018

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