Pepe, we are one year old!! We are really very happy. Without getting into, just, to assess the billing, the investment in marketing, the campaigns we have done, mistakes, successes and crazy things... without going into all that. The feeling we have is that it is still the beginning, yes, it is brutal.

We started with no expectations , as if this were a game, even today it still is, and everything that is happening is unexpected and unpredictable, they are small surprises that have been arriving one after another, and watch out for those to come...


Our great goal the first year was to learn from the ecommerce world and show ourselves that we were capable of selling and making a business profitable from the first day, and without external investment (€3,000 that we put between Pepe and me). We said in our first post that our 4 maxims were "quality, transparency, globality and simplicity". We have fulfilled them all and it is what has made us flow from one place to another almost without intention, making decisions, doing and achieving things.

For me the great discovery is that we are doing something that identifies us, that tells perfectly what we are. Through the good and the bad, we are bringing our way of life to the people. We did not find a greater motivator than that.

After more than 6,000 handbags sold and some €90,000 in turnover (you can see all the data here ), what we really left this year with is that we have worked remotely for about 10 weeks from New York, Bucharest, Istanbul, Florence, Brussels, Galicia, Asturias, Segovia, Aranda de Duero and various cities in Japan. Also, this week Pepe is going to Nepal for almost a month to climb mountains. The company works exactly the same whether the team is in our coworking in Madrid, on the sofa at home or in an airport waiting for a plane.


Does the future really exist? Isn't it something invented that is in our collective imagination? Whatever it is, we are clear that what we want is to live and make decisions in the present that make us as free as possible in the future.

The objective of our year 2 is that you understand what Minimalism Brand really is . We have (actually it occurred to Pepe) found a slogan that defines it very well, with 2 concepts and 4 simple words: Minimal life, free future . Although we will be talking about this here and on our networks. We promise to be very heavy.

We are close to launching our second product, you will notice that Minimalism Brand does not mean minimalist design but it does mean minimalist living. Launch useful, durable products that serve you for various things (work, travel, learn). Products that solve real problems of today, not imagined problems of tomorrow.


The idea was to have a big party but... it has remained at that, an idea...

To compensate for tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th, Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th, we are going to celebrate our birthday with all of you. We will raffle 3 bags a day for 3 days on our Instagram profile . We will ask a question a day about something that we have already told in a post on our blog, of all those who are correct we will raffle 3 wallets a day. The winners will be announced on Monday, September 17 through our Instagram.

Welcome to year 2 of Minimalism Brand, we can't wait for it.

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September 11, 2018 — Victor Rodado

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