Summer is over here in Spain, yes, right now we are all in Madrid working from Google for Startups, remember that we usually work remotely . The third quarter of 2019 is also over. We are dealing with the issue of taxes, drawing numbers and reflecting on everything that has happened in the last three months... It is our second summer and this helps us to compare behaviors and numbers. It has also been a very special quarter in which we have launched 3 new products and we have achieved very good growth vs. last year. Let's go with all the data

THE NUMBERS, from July 1 to September 30

traffic :

  • 125,408 total visits.
  • 95,415 unique visits.
  • 11,404 visits to the blog.
  • 66.07% rebound.
  • 1min:05 secs average duration of the visit.
  • 86.75% of traffic is from smartphones.

Orders and conversions:

  • 1010 orders through our ecommerce.
  • 500 orders through Amazon.
  • Our online store had a conversion rate of 1.05% from unique visit to purchase.
  • 11.27% of purchases are from recurring customers.
  • We have sold 2,489 products online through our online sales channels (website and Amazon). Here we do not count offline sales.

Billing and investment:

  • The total turnover* combining all sales channels is €45,804.17.
  • The average online income per cart is €34.09.
  • We have made an investment in marketing of €16,434.56.

* Note that this is billing, not profit.


These last 3 months have been the most important. We have totally changed the brand perception of Minimalism . Before we were a portfolio company and now we have nothing to do with it. We have changed the messages, the web and obviously our purpose has changed. We know that we have a long, long way to go, but we are clear that this is the path.

Something very important is that right now the sales of handbags do not reach 50% of total income , internally it is a success since last quarter it represented 80% of the total billing. We are slowly changing the company and shifting revenue to other products.

We launched 3 new products: the Minimalist backpack , the basic sweatshirt and the Light windbreaker . Very very happy with the reception of the backpack even right now we are out of stock waiting to finish manufacturing the second print run. It has been months and weeks of being in the cave working, designing products and preparing their respective releases.

In terms of numbers, we improved all KPIs compared to last quarter and compared to last year. We highlight the change in the average income per cart, which has gone from €29 to €34 and rising. We have managed to improve recurrence and go from 7% to 11% compared to last quarter. We keep the number of orders stable, the number of products sold and we greatly improve sales on Amazon (from 355 orders to 500 orders). We billed €15,000 more than last year in the same period of months. In general, we are happy with the sustained growth we are experiencing.

In recent weeks we have also focused on preparing our logistics processes for the significant volume of orders that comes at Christmas. We have improved the packaging by changing some boxes and bags, from now on the clothes arrive in a matt white and compostable bag created entirely with organic materials. We eliminate plastics in all shipping processes, as we explain in this post . Also in all your orders we send you a plantable card that becomes a beautiful Chamomile plant.

In short, as in your ecommerce, 3 months of summer of a lot of work and launches with an eye on the last quarter of the year. Thanks for reading this far and in case you didn't know, we've launched a podcast: Open Startup by Minimalism . I encourage you to listen to our first chapter where we analyze the Tot-em funnel with its CEO Javier.

October 13, 2019 — Victor Rodado

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