Welcome and welcome to the most dangerous week of the year! Dangerous? Yes. We have spent all of this 2019 with the same message and we have the energy intact to continue with our claim, this week more than ever: don't buy it if you don't need it.

From today Monday to Friday of this week we are going to try to give loudspeaker to this message. Today we launch our campaign to the whole world, we have put hundreds of posters on the street like the one you can see in this video. Tomorrow Tuesday we will launch a very special and unique contest on our Instagram profile . On Wednesday we have prepared some surprises in video format. And finally, on the Thursday before Black Friday, we will make special content for what we have called the day of reflection. From Friday 29 to Monday 2 you will have a discount on the web, between 15-20%.

Our positioning is simple and consistent, buy what you want and how you want but first ask yourself the question, do I really need this in my life, in my day to day? It is a radical response, there is usually no middle ground and self-deception is not worth it. I need it or I don't need it.

Do what you want, we will not judge you. We understand hyperconsumption and we don't like to tell people what to do, but we do like to ask questions, generate reflections and open debates. At Minimalism we understand that Black Friday 2019 should be a before and after in your way of consuming, especially if you have read up to this point in the post.

Do you need to have 5 different coats in the closet? And do you really need to have 15 different models of t-shirts? Do you really need those 10 shirts? Be careful, how many sneakers and shoes do you have and how many do you really use?

And here we are, in the consumer society (extreme). That society that tells you how good or bad you are depending on the brand you wear, how big or small your house is and the amount of belongings you have. You like it? Do you think it's OK? Do you think there is another model? The reality is that this is the society we live in, last year we spent an average of €256 on Black Friday. And be careful, we have nothing against offers and discounts. It is something inherent to human beings, to optimize their resources as much as possible, but it turns out that in 2018 the best-selling products on Amazon during the week of Black Friday were voice-assisted speakers, smart bracelets and TV sticks. Do we really need these products in our daily life to be happier? Remember that life is about being happy, does it make you happy to buy more and more, to receive an Amazon package a week? I hope not.

We live here and we don't like it. You may like it or you may never have asked yourself if you like it or not. Really, we are not going to judge you but at least we need you to ask yourself some questions.

The system lives on created needs and we, Minimalism, are part of this system. We are inside and we want to change it from the inside and not from the outside, it seems to us the smartest, most sensible and fastest thing to do. We know that it will not be free, they criticize us and they will criticize us... but we are clear about our plan. Do what you want, but do you really need what you bought?

November 25, 2019

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