Team, we have completed our second year of life. We are still alive, growing and with many lessons to apply in this year 2020. What a beautiful year of our lives. In addition to enjoying working, we have completed our two main objectives for the year: continue to grow in sales and learn what is necessary to be a great brand.

Regarding the former, we have grown by 45.43% in turnover vs. 2018. Regarding the latter, we have already understood what levers to use to become a great brand (this does not mean that we are going to achieve it, mind you).

The feeling we have is that we haven't achieved anything at all yet. We feel that we are in year zero of this and that these first two years the only thing we have done has been fail, learn and show that we know how to sell online . This 2020 begins the new and true Minimalism.

We do not want this to be a simple post showing numbers, we want this to be a post that marks the intentions we have for this 2020. But we start with the numbers:


Total visits 500,886

Unique visits 310,382

Mobile visits 424,577 (85% of total visits)

Visit to cart conversion 2.30%

Visit to purchase conversion 1.47%

Best conversion month December 1.77%

Worst conversion month February 0.83%

Screenshot of our Analytics, visits throughout the year 👇


Total orders 6,063

Online orders 4,568

Amazon Orders 1,495

Total products sold 10,171

Wallets sold online 7,831

Backpacks sold online 840

Clothes sold online 1,500


Total turnover €211,933

Online billing €167,432

Offline billing €44,501

Average cart €31.70 (and growing in the last quarter to almost €36)


Investment in marketing €49,200

CPC blended €0.16

Blended CAC €8.12

Average ROA 330%


If from the inside out we do a cold analysis of these numbers we should be very happy. With practically the same team (we were 2 people until Jesus joined us in September) we have grown in everything, increasing the average ticket, recurrence and now more than 40% of the billing comes from clothing and backpacks. Little by little we stopped depending on the wallets. Although the general feeling is that we need to go faster, we want to go much faster.

The most important thing this year for us is not the numbers, the most important thing is to read the information that these numbers leave between the lines . We have learned to sell clothes, to understand what people expect, what they are willing to pay and to control the messages in the acquisition channels. We know that CACs complicate everything, including the company's mission (that everyone can dress sustainably and with quality), and that is why we are already putting solutions and innovation into the acquisition channels. We know that everything, or almost everything, goes through recurrence and the average ticket. We know that we are a volume company and not a high-margin company. We know what we want to be as a brand and the public we are targeting. All this has cost us 2 years of life but we have it clear.

In addition, almost half of the year we have worked remotely, from more than 10 different countries we have managed to find a way of working that we like and gives us daily freedom. Even so, there are a few things to polish and the 2020 challenge of growing as a team while maintaining good levels of turnover/person . We don't want to grow just to grow crazy, the truth is that we want to be few and good... that's the plan.

In the last 3 months of the year we have changed a lot on an aesthetic level thanks to the incorporation of Jesús Castillejo , business + design profile . It is no coincidence that our first signing is a designer, it is a clear declaration of intent.

Oh, don't forget to watch out... we also launched Open Startups, the podcast in which we bring the founders of digital companies and "force" them to be totally transparent with the numbers and the strategy. We are loving the experience and we believe it is a wonderful way to bring our tone as a brand and people to another type of audience. We have already had 4 interviews.

And what's coming is going to be even cooler. In these last 3 months we have also made a very important effort to position ourselves as a brand, it has turned out great and everything culminated this Black Friday where we managed to arouse the interest of many media outlets. Note that we sneak into the news of La Sexta and TVE.

In general and ultimately, happy? Yes. With good numbers? Yes. But with the feeling of not having achieved anything more to learn. Soon we will start with more things and even more fun.

Thanks for joining us.

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January 10, 2020 — Victor Rodado


Manuel said:

Esta iniciativa me parece espectacular. Además de disfrutar de vuestros productos, nos llevamos como valor añadido vuestros learnings.


Luján said:

De mayor quiero ser como vosotros! 😂😂😂 aunque tenga 44 añitos ☺️

Enric said:

Congrats on the success! Rooting for you guys in 2020

Queru said:

Felicidades! Sois ejemplo a seguir.
Mucho ánimo y mis mejores éxitos para 2020

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