Has arrived! Today is a great day for us. A little over two years ago we opened our website and started selling the Minimalism bag. We have been evolving between mistakes and successes, but if there is something clear to us, it is that today we are a community creating a brand with the belief that minimalist, conscious and responsible life is the only one capable of causing changes. Utility, durability, high quality, responsible and sustainable manufacturing. These are our premises when designing and creating a new product. We want all the basics in your wardrobe to be Minimalism.

That is why we launched two new products, without a doubt the best we have ever designed and manufactured. We tell you:


Utility : We have thought of the day to day to create this windbreaker. It will be very useful for riding a motorcycle and touring the city by bike or on foot. It is perfect to wear a sweatshirt underneath, you will go light and protected from wind and rain.

Manufacturing : High quality materials. 100% recycled polyester. We use 8 plastic bottles to make it . Made in Portugal, where we take the plastics and manufacture the windbreaker. We use recycled and recyclable products. No chemicals are used and we always use natural dyes. It has the Peta Approved Vegan - Confidence in Textiles - Fair Wear Foundation seals.

Design : Created with lightweight, waterproof fabric. As we show you in the video, it has elastic cuffs, an adjustable neck and a hood with a small visor for rain and wind. We have put two pockets on the sides with zipper. It is a very soft garment to the touch. It rolls up to take up almost no space in your backpack, in your motorcycle compartment or in your hand luggage.



Utility : It is not necessary for me to explain to you what a sweatshirt is for. Perfect complement for when it's cold, between seasons and in any context. We launch gray color and black color.

Manufacturing : 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled plastic bottles. We manufacture it in Bangladesh under the Fair Wear Foundation seal, from there the cotton that we use in the garment and the recycled plastic are collected. We use between 3-4 plastic bottles for each sweatshirt. GOTS certificate to confirm that the entire process of obtaining and treating cotton is not harmful to the environment and is 100% organic. It has the Peta Approved Vegan - Confidence in Textiles - Fair Wear Foundation seals. Seriously, we have cured them.

Design : Simple and very useful. It has a hood and two pockets at the bottom. The interior is very very soft. It has elastic cuffs and two drawstrings to adjust the hood. It's going to be your favorite sweatshirt, 100%.



We have spared no effort to make these two garments. They are high-quality materials and we have controlled every step of the manufacturing process , from the moment the cotton begins to bloom until the garment arrives at your home/office.

Today, manufacturing responsibly and sustainably requires a high investment. Using organic cotton, extracting it without harming the environment, not using chemicals in manufacturing, natural dyes makes the whole process less scalable. Using plastics from the garbage, recycling them and reusing them is adding complexity to the design and manufacture of the garment. We have decided that the product be manufactured in the same place where the raw material is obtained, to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint in transporting the material from one place to another. The serigraphs are water-based and of the best quality so that they do not contaminate. We use recycled packaging giving a second life to paper, cardboard and even organic waste such as corn.

We have focused on choosing fabrics and materials that are durable over time so that your product will last for many years and many washes. It is very simple, if you want to have garments that are careful with the environment, manufactured respecting natural resources and without conditioning the development of the countries and populations where they are manufactured, that do not contain chemicals and that also last a long time in your closet, it is totally impossible. get it for less than the price we have put on the web.

Currently these products have between 40% and 50% margin (we refer to PVP - Total cost of production and shipping). This margin has to support the rest of the company's fixed and variable costs (technology, investment in marketing, storage costs, photo sessions, salaries, etc...). We are trying to ensure that conscious and responsible products are for as many people as possible, we still have a long way to go but we are clear about it.

We would like to have your constructive feedback on these two products. Thank you for reading this far and being a part of this. You can also write to us at hola@minimalis.es

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October 01, 2019


Edu Carballo said:

Hola buenas, quería saber si pondrías de nuevo a la venta los cortavientos? Soy nuevo en la página y no los veo…Gracias

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