In September 2017 we launched Minimalism, it was a simple project that had the objective of learning things and creating something between two friends. This is still the essence, but a lot has happened in these more than two years. Our lives have been changing, we have seen new things and every day we are clearer about what we want and above all what we don't want.

Minimalism is our form of expression.

Today we present the next stage: the new Minimalism.

It's not a swerve, it's just a natural evolution of who we are.

What is our purpose?

We intend to change the consumer industry into fashion . We know that it is ambitious and even utopian, but we really believe that things exist and can be done differently. The current way of creating and consuming fashion is not sustainable and consequently not humane. It does not put the human at the center, it is short-term and part of inequality.

We want you to ask yourself questions, the ones that are difficult to answer. And we want to show that things can be done differently, without fear and at our own pace.

We want to awaken some dormant conscience, and that this will serve to encourage others to create other better things than the ones you are seeing on this website.

We want to continue making decisions like this and like this , with our community.

But above all we want to do something authentic, something that we are proud of and that we continue to enjoy until we get tired (or not).

We've summed up the gist of it all in a Manifesto , that place to look when important decisions need to be made.

What are the changes and what's new?

Same quality, lower prices. For example, the Minimalism t-shirt will cost €15 instead of €25. And beware, we have not touched the quality or the type of fabric. We continue to manufacture with 100% organic cotton (OCS), without using chemicals.

And where is the trick? We have visited several factories in Portugal until we have found the price-quality-fabric that we were looking for. In addition, we have lowered a little all the gross margins per garment.

Making sustainability accessible . There is nothing more sustainable and consistent than having few products that last you a long time. And anyone prefers to wear quality to not wear quality, right? Well, the first step to change the consumer fashion industry is not to charge for what is good and organic. If we make it so that as many people as possible can afford our clothes, we will be one step closer to our purpose.

New packs. As we already did during 2019, the packs are an essential piece in the business and the purpose. We launched new 7-unit packs and new special packs , perfect for changing your wardrobe all at once and not worrying about how to dress on a daily basis.

Conscious manufacturing in Europe. We have brought the manufacturing to Portugal (all the clothes) and Spain (the handbags). We have the new portfolio workshop just a few minutes from home, and the factory in Portugal is just over an hour away by plane. We continue to manufacture the minimalist backpack in Guanzhou, we are very happy with the current factory and we have our trusted person in China auditing the manufacturing.

We manufacture the packaging in Portugal, Spain and Poland.

With this change we are able to have more control over production and reduce the carbon footprint by shortening the distance between the manufacturing location and our logistics center . In addition, this way we can get to know first-hand the people who make our garments.

Radical transparency . We go one step further and now in each product sheet you can see the costs we have. No trap or cardboard. It is obvious that in order to make a conscious purchase decision you have as much information as possible. We tell you what the fabric is like, where we manufacture it and also what the entire value chain costs us. You will be able to see the gross profit we have on each purchase you make.

Of course we will continue to tell you about the billing, the investments and the good and bad from doors to the inside.

Not logo . Do you need a logo to express who you are? We are convinced that it is not, that is why we eliminate the logo from our garments . We believe in a world without brands where each of us is responsible for creating our identity, our change and our decisions. We believe in people, not in brands.

New garments. Underpants and sweatshirts without hoods enter the catalog. We launched new colors of t-shirts, socks and hoodies. We have been working for weeks on new garments, always of quality.

Podcast . Your feedback has been wonderful during these months that we have been publishing new episodes. We are going to promote it, always with the only rule of bringing people who think differently.

Another way to do it. We have chosen these 5 words to unite our way of thinking. There is always another way, another truth, another person and another way. We want to practice this on a daily basis, and we want to surround ourselves with it.

Welcome to the new Minimalism!

Any questions you can write to us at, share it with a friend or sign up for the newsletter, interesting things are coming, let us know.

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April 23, 2020


Lucas said:

Hi guys, just came across your website and I really love the philosophy behind the business model. This is very bold, you are making history. Looking forward to receiving my first order. Congratulations and all the best for the future.

Minimalism said:

Hola Eva!
Te comento, estamos probando primero con hombre. El cambio de fábrica, de mejora del algodón etc…teníamos que validarlo con un público que ya conocemos. Pero en un tiempo entraremos en mujer si podemos realizar la inversión necesaria.

Lo tenemos en mente no te preocupes.

Mil gracias por el feedback.


Eva said:

Tenía muchas ganas de ver como habéis reformulado vuestra web i la verdad es que me ha gustado. Pero la enorme decepción que me he llevado tras ver que la habéis enfocado prácticamente al género masculino me entristece. Somos muchas las mujeres minimalistas a las que nos gustan vuestros productos y es una lástima que nos apartéis de los posibles clientes. Tampoco cuesta tanto hacer calcetines de talla más pequeña y quizás lanzar una linea de bragas y tops. No sé, realmente me he decepciondo porque cuesta mucho encontrar ropa para mujeres del estilo de vuestra linea ya que casi todas las marcas optan por el “hombre minimalista”. Ojalá nos volváis a incluir en vuestros planes…

Tomas Santoro said:

Enhorabuena Victor y equipo! Me ha flipado que quitéis el logo de las prendas y es increíble que pongáis los costes. Sin duda un paso delante súper alineado con el mundo que vivimos! Abz!! Tomi

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