Writing this post hovering around the turnover target we had of €100,000 this year may not be very coherent.

In addition, the fact that it comes from us that we put at your disposal our knowledge, tools, billing (you can see how much we bill HERE ,) makes the argument lose some weight, but we have to explain this:

Recently, giving a mentorship, one of the students put the following line in the excel: Salaries €2,500 each/month.

After arguing with him and explaining that you cannot get a salary of that level when launching the project, we thought this post was necessary.

Young people who want to become millionaires selling glasses, watches, bags, socks... this is for you, we hope that one day you will achieve it and keep your mouth shut ;)

Setting up an online store is very likely that you will not get rich. It has done a lot of damage to believe that riding Hawkers is easy and that with whatever you ride you will be living from it from day one.

It is not like that, possibly it will be difficult for you to sell, you may not see a penny in your account until year 3 if you arrive and it is very likely that this salary will not be very high , but beware, perhaps enough for your objective, but that is what we are talking about later.

We have been working hard for 1 years. We are around 100K in billing and we have no salary . Every € that enters the company is reinvested, either in advertising, in fairs, in more products or in new products (the backpacks are coming, we launch on Wednesday, crazy desire). It is the only way to do it if you do not have an uncle, a rich father / mother and you do not want external investment in your project , we do not want, for the moment.

With this post we do not want to demoralize you, the only thing we want is to warn you that it will not be easy and that you will need a source of income to launch it . If you have tickets, play with them, otherwise...better to continue working on what you are working on or look for a job that allows you to live with just enough and have time to develop your project.

Two examples, the one who writes this studied how to set up a business from 20 to 24 hours while working at Telefónica and the other party served drinks and set up tables while developing Upplication, which ended up being a success.

If you want to set up something, don't just drop it, try little by little until you can make a living from it. We have other sources of income,our agency , advice, consulting and other businesses. And even though we really like the risk and starting from the fact that hunger sharpens the senses, we don't want to be semi-directly guilty of a drama.

Setting up your project, you may not become a millionaire, but you may find that source of income that allows you to get rid of your boss, leave that job you hate, live off your hobby, spend more time with your children or work remotely from anywhere . part of the world .

Do it, set up your project, but be aware of what and who you are taking ahead of you , we are prone to risk because we can, we have no debts, no dependents, no mortgages or credits . You have your circumstances, you must decide what to do with your project. We are drawing our future, you must do the same with yours.

Remember: " Minimal life, free future "

If you have questions you can contact us at hola@minimalism.es, we will respond in less than 24 hours.


November 12, 2018

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