A few days ago we launched a post on "How to choose your partner to set up your project?" Since then we have continued to receive your doubts and questions about this topic. We do not want you to have any doubts about it, for us it is a key issue that will make you enjoy or hate the experience of being an entrepreneur. Your partner is your partner, helper and friend in the complete experience of setting up a business.

The big question you have asked us about is, where can I find my partner? In this post we are going to gather sites and tips so that you can find your partner as quickly as possible, although it is important that you know that it requires patience and filtering:

Weekend Entrepreneurship Events.

Have you ever been to a Startup Weekend? They are events that last 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), in which you go with a business idea and together with other people you form a team to advance your idea and validate it in some way. It is very interesting since a profile of a person similar to you attends this type of event, with the desire and hunger to create their own business . In Spain it has already been held in several cities, we leave you here the next one.

*Warning that we are plotting something related to this for 2019 ;)

Work in a coworking

We always say it, things happen in coworkings . Especially in those that are small, not overcrowded and without design pieces in each corner. People working on their project, paddling hard and with few work routines other than hours. Creative spaces where people help, in a short time you get to belong to a community with which to party or collaborate for a project. You can find us at Livink Coworking where there is a young community to support you.

Your partner is usually hidden, tell your idea.

Today you tell your business idea to your brother, tomorrow your brother tells his brother-in-law and another day later your brother-in-law calls you to tell you that he has a friend who wants to "set up something similar" and that he is going to join you by mail . We don't want you to grab a stranger and tell him about your project, but we do want you to tell as many people as possible about it . I don't think they're going to steal your idea, and if they do and they blow it, it's probably because they're better than you. What is certain is that the more people know about your project, the more likely it is that a friend will recommend you to another friend, until you reach the person with whom to start your project.

Be a little "scoundrel"

I met Pepe (my partner and friend) at an event for entrepreneurs 6 years ago, his initiative and "tough face" caught my attention when presenting his business idea, we met a few days later at another event and shared contacts. Since that day friends and colleagues. I met José Luis (my former partner) at the university, after talking to a professor who took me to a friend and who finally took me to my partner for the next 6 years.

Use digital media to tell what you do.

Social networks are not only valid for uploading that photo on the beach or at a concert. Use any digital medium to tell what you're up to . It can be a blog, youtube, medium, linkedin, twitter, instagram... Tell what you're up to and how you're progressing, surely when you tell it someone listens or responds. Beware that they can also respond badly or copy you but they are direct causes of telling it. It happens to us to publish things on this blog, we will not stop doing it, obviously.

I always recommend sending that email, making that call, going to that event and stopping that person that you think makes sense for something. Better to do it than stay with the desire.

For me the definitive advice is: “If you do things, things happen” . Get out of where you are and start looking for companions to help you. Remember that you will always need help.

If you have questions you can contact us at hola@minimalism.es, we will respond in less than 24 hours.


November 06, 2018 — Victor Rodado


Lidia Gallera said:

Gracias por este blog, acabo de llegar a el gracias a ecomerce efectivo, me esta ayudando con en mi proyecto. Realmente son valiosos consejos, ya que también empiezo de cero y saber que vosotros lo habeis conseguido es un alivio. Lo que tengo claro es que no quiero que mi proyecto este dentro de ese elevado porcentaje de e-comerce que cierran en dos años, y que requiere de esfuerzo, tiempo, análisis y dedicación. También trabajo con shopify, asi que sois un gran ejemplo para mi. Gracias de nuevo.

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