From the beginning we have believed that we can create a recognizable brand and a stable company with a small team and working from anywhere in the world. If we do not achieve these two things, we will not have achieved our first goal when Minimalism was born, with our minimalist handbags as the first product, even though we are earning hundreds of thousands of € per day (we are on it ;) you can see our metrics HERE ).

If there is one thing that is clear to us at Minimalism Brand, it is that companies are at the service of people and not the other way around. Obviously we create companies to be happy, achieve goals, develop ourselves as individuals and also give tools to other people to improve. Yes, money is also important and for now we only want to grow with our own resources as we have in this post.

We have several maxims in our daily work: sincerity, consensus, agility, humility and ambition . We try to do as much as we can without going crazy. Being a team of 2-3 people we go as fast as we can and one of the keys has always been to talk a lot, be in constant contact and have a very clear strategy.

Why do you set up a company? To earn a lot of money, to feed your ego, to not think about anything else? We have set up Minimalism to be free . It is also very important that you are clear about the reason for which you have set up your company.

These are the 10 tricks that we use in our day to day to be able to work from anywhere, be efficient and agile:

Everything is pointed. Either in our notebooks or in Trello. If it's not in Trello, it doesn't exist.

Say good morning. A whatsapp message first thing in the morning in which we briefly chat about how the previous day's sales have gone and we set ourselves some tasks with which to face the day. We also wonder how we are and how everything is going ;)

Shared Google Calendar. There we write down the promotions that we are going to do, the scheduled meetings and when we have a trip. nothing escapes us

Quick decisions by whatsapp. We talked about everything on Whatsapp, even the most important. A few days ago we decided to open a logistics center abroad in less than 5 minutes and without talking on the phone. It gives us a lot of agility since you focus on what is important. We use audio messages a lot to explain some tasks.

Meeting every 10-15 days. If we are in the same city we have a face-to-face meeting (now we see each other many times since we have an office in Campus Madrid and in Livink Coworking ) in which we address all the issues. Other times we have met by phone or Skype. Before the meeting, each one takes a script of what they want to discuss and in less than an hour we make all the decisions.

Daily routine. First thing in the morning we review how the advertising costs and traffic have been. We analyze what happened and start with the changes if they are needed.

Automate everything possible. The logistics process, the recovery of the abandoned cart, the offers and promotions, and so on.

Take on tasks instantly . As soon as a new front is opened, a member of the team assumes responsibility for that task in record time. The rest of the team stays calm and work begins.

All in copy of the mail. We are few people, we do not have crazy amounts of emails and we also think that 4 eyes see more than 2. We copy almost all emails so that we all have context of everything.

Celebrate every success. Whether big or small, we celebrate everything... It helps us gain strength and have an excuse to have a drink.

These are some of our tricks, we will learn more as we grow.

What are yours?

You can tell us about it at or in the comments. Let's make knowledge shared.

June 14, 2018


Juan Carlos Nieves said:

Hola chicos buenos días, los saludo desde Chile, soy Venezolano, hace algunos días gané una billetera minimalismbrand y créanme que estoy súper feliz y ansioso porque llegue, pero ese no es el motivo por el que les escribo jeje, básicamente quisiera hacerles saber, que los admiro, me gusta esa manera de que ustedes han emprendido esta empresa que va creciendo poco a poco, me siento identificado con ese modelo de negocio como bien dice este post, Libres. Los aplaudo y leo siempre, porque considero que este modelo de empresas cercanas, innovadoras y consecuentes son una ventana al futuro empresarial.



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