Writing on the blog when things are going well is very simple. But doing it when we make mistakes is somewhat more complex.
In some podcast or interview, here you can listen to the last one, they have asked us what are the most serious mistakes we have made and today we come to talk about another...
Do you remember when almost a year ago we said that we would not make mistakes with shipments again, well... we have done it again.
We have controlled shipping in Spain, including the Islands, we fail 2% of the time, something that is very normal in an ecommerce, in fact this % is quite low.
In Europe we are getting finer every day, countries like Portugal, the United Kingdom and Italy are growing little by little and their orders are delivered in a maximum of 10 days.
We have also managed to sell in the US by putting our bags in the hands of our clients in 12 days, including customs and paperwork.
But...what about South America.
Here we have messed it up again in the bad sense of the word.
Countries like Mexico, Chile and Argentina have been the focus of our advertising. We have managed to sell relatively well but we are failing with deliveries.
To make shipments we use the transport agency Asendia. For cost we have no alternative. Asendia allows us to send for a cost ranging from €5 to €9. Compared to the €30 that a shipment would cost with another agency with an average delivery time of 7-10 days. It is more expensive than the order itself, that the client covers this cost does not make any sense.
With Asendia we can ship almost anywhere in the world with a delivery time of up to 1 month depending on the local carrier. And therein lies the error.
When Asendia delivers it to the local carrier the flow of information is very slow and the delivery of the product too.
There are orders that we deliver in 15 days and others that arrive up to 30, it is the maximum that we have in our shipping policy . But there are other orders, the fewest, and those that are keeping us up at night, that take more than 30 days and in which the order tracking update is not efficient. So we have no more information to provide our customers when, as usual, they tell us that the month has passed and that they do not have the order.
The problem is not that customers write to us or even insult you on social networks, that is "admissible" because you are within your rights. The point is that the orders arrive. A little late, outside the one month deadline and without a follow-up update that we would like to have, but they arrive. And you like them, and, despite the wait, you tag us in your photos saying that the wallet is the milk, thanks for this.
And what are we doing?
Little by little, communication with Asendia is improving, updating orders is more agile and so are deliveries, but it takes time. We will have to continue waiting a few days for your order to be updated and for it to finally be delivered , we promise they will arrive, you just have to trust us
And for the future?
When we started in Spain we had similar problems and now we deliver in times of 24 to 72 hours with two payment methods for the client, do not doubt that we are going to do everything possible so that this happens in ALL countries. How? soon, we will tell you 😉
If you are one of those affected, we are sorry, the whole team, for the problems we are causing, we only ask for a little more trust, the request really arrives. It's just a matter of time.
For the good and the bad here we are: hola@minimalism.es
Thank you for being part of our successes and our mistakes.
We keep working.
June 12, 2018 — Pepe Martín Garcia


Consuelo said:

Hola! No les he escrito al mail, pero soy de Chile y una de las afectadas por este tema del envío. Qué gusto leer su blog y sus sinceras disculpas. A cualquier otro proveedor lo habría mandado a volar, pero se nota que a ustedes realmente les importa. Confío en que pronto recibiré mis mini billeteras, estoy ansiosa por poder comenzar a usarlas. Un saludo desde aquí :)

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