A very curious thing is happening to us, quite common in the ecommerce world and that friends in the sector have already told us that it would happen to us.

Every day we receive several messages, usually on instagram, from users who want to collaborate with us. The text usually goes like this: "Guys, I love your brand or your bags and I would like to do a collaboration with you."

The first message that came to us about the style moved us. It was something like, "look, we are interested in someone who is followed by a lot of people" Then we asked the user for the data and sent him our portfolios in case he wanted to create some content in his stories or on his platforms.

The truth is that the return of these promotions was very low, we hardly got any visits and, worst of all, we could not measure it . The little return seemed strange to us. In addition, on that date a documentary came into our hands in which they talked about how, fraudulently and using false profiles on Instagram, the H2H agency had turned an actress into a supposed influencer, you can see the video HERE , it makes you think yes . From that moment we decided to cut all these campaigns. We had no metrics, no data, no return, there was no point in continuing.

If we stick to the term influence, as Gaby Castellanos says: It is the ability to be able to influence (cause an effect) on some person or thing, managing to modify it.

The term influence does not discriminate volumes, what it enhances is the ability to influence one or more people.

And that is exactly what we want, influence, in the style of this story that you have told us: a group of friends where one of them has bought a bag and the whole group of friends has ended up buying one.

Obviously we believe in the content, and in the recommendations, we believe that the user can enjoy our product and recommend it to their contacts (whether 10 or 100,000), but we also believe that both parties should get involved and should make a profit if we win.

That is why we have raised a win-win by creating our own affiliate system .

We are going to reward those users, influencers or not, with €5 for each order that comes from their platforms, everything is measured through a personal link from where we can see how many people come to our website from your platform and how many orders we get from people who come from you.

We want that if you like our product and recommend it, you can earn money with it. It seems fair to us, if we win, you win.

What do you have to do to become an affiliate?

- You must fill in the following form.


- We will analyze your profiles and we will choose little by little. We have a maximum, at the moment, for the platform.

- If you are chosen we will send you the portfolio that you like the most. and we will give you access to your platform where you will have your own profile and your link to put on all the social networks you want.

- As we receive visits and orders from your profiles, you can choose to collect this money or exchange it for products.

- You will have your own access to the platform where you can count ALL the traffic that enters from your networks and how many orders you have achieved. Obviously, also, how much money are you accumulating.

What do you think about the idea?

We believe in transparent influence and transparent business. The sector needs a facelift before the sector itself is destroyed.

We want you to be our best customer and our best ambassador.

If we play and win, we all win.

We play?

*You can see all the information about the contract in the following link

*If you are chosen we will send you ALL the information so you don't have any doubts.

*At the moment we can only do it for Spain. News will come soon.

You can write to us at hola@minimalism.es and we will reply to you shortly.

May 24, 2018 — Pepe Martín Garcia


Angelo said:

Registrado; quiero hacer ECO dentro de mi trabajo y conocidos de las excelentes cualidades que aporta este producto.

He sido uno de los primeros en adquirir su cartera apenas salieron al mercado, 1€ de coste envio y hace poco tuve el agrado de conocer a uno de sus dueños quien tuvo un gesto conmigo al regalarme uno de los nuevos diseños al ver que tenia un modelo de las iniciales, ahora he adquirido la mochila y contento.

Cristina said:

Dicho y hecho yo también! Empecé por regalarle una de vuestras carteras a mi novio. Acabó tan encantado que me regaló él una. Ahora nuestros padres y medio grupo de amigos utilizan vuestras carteras. Verdaderamente estáis empezando una REVOLUTion! A por todas!

Pablo Jose Castillo Perez said:

Dicho y hecho, ya he rellenado el cuestionario…además soy un convencido!!! ya tengo dos de vuestras carteras y me alucinan!!! Un abrazo.

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