The entire Minimalism team is celebrating, we are very happy. We have achieved one of our most important goals for this first year of life: sell 5,000 bags . For us it has been a wonderful gift, we are very proud to grow every day thanks to happy customers.

The day we opened our first Wordpress website, we did not imagine selling so much in such a short time, and from humility I have to tell you that we do not know very well how we have done it, ignoring the hours of work, study and analysis that we have put into it; )

We started talking to friends to get the first push, then we did the "Free Wallets" campaign and that's how we got to the Christmas season. Our goal has always been that in a single purchase they were the maximum possible portfolios , so we could amortize a single shipping cost and also have a viral effect by having more than one portfolio in your possession. We made several offers in which you bought 3 or 5 bags, so you bought one for yourself and the others would be for gifts.

Thus, last Christmas we managed to sell a large number of handbags that were later given away at the Three Wise Men. We realized that the person who gives away our product becomes our best commercial . It explains the product, shows our website, tells our story and also talks about our transparency.

Since the beginning of the year we have taken the trick to acquisition channels such as Instagram or sales platforms such as Amazon. A great boost in recent weeks has been to open our store to all corners of the world , we are having a brutal acceptance. We will tell you a little more about this ;)

And, after selling 5,000 bags, what do we have in mind?

Around here the phrase still resonates between beers and coffees: "You have to put a wallet in each house." We don't know if we will achieve it, if it will be handbags or other products, but we will work for it.

In short, we never thought it was possible to sell 5,000 bags, why limit ourselves to thinking about a number when we can focus on growing?



We want to celebrate it with everyone and raffle off six of our bags. You will simply have to:

1. Follow our Instagram account. We have also reached 5000 followers ;)

2. Make a comment mentioning a friend in this photo by writing the name of the bag you would like for you and your friend. For example, Blue Wallet and lime @fulanito... and we will send you two wallets to 3 winners. 6 in all.

Thank you all for this, we keep working hard :)

You can write to us at and we will reply to you shortly.
May 18, 2018


Alejandra Jiménez said:

Me encanta para regalo pero la necesitaría para la próxima semana, que paquetería manejan?

Erick Pacheco said:

Muchas felicidades por sus 5.000 ventas!! Espero sigan creciendo mucho.. Son todo un éxito
Saludos desde México!! 🍾

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