When we started our minimalist bags almost a year ago we didn't know where it would take us. By where, this time, we mean geographically.

We started the adventure selling only to Spain . We analyzed all the data that we were having, sales, profitability, shipments... everything and, little by little, we were filing the process.

As the months went by we wanted to try new things . We are like that, we like to try everything and then draw conclusions. That is why we decided to open our shipments to all of Europe.

We translated the website into English and Portuguese and invested €100 in advertising in countries where we wanted to measure how well our product would be received.

When we managed to get this process more or less under control, we decided to take another leap and target South America and North America.

We reinvested €100 per country and achieved the first sales. Everything was very nice and profitable until we made several logistical errors, delaying the orders between 5 and 6 weeks. You can read it here .

Analyzing the metrics we had, there was a country we wanted to enter:


We started to move the machinery. And there were a series of "coincidences".

We met Miguel at an event at Campus Madrid . He contacted us because he had doubts about which platform to use to sell online, since he was already selling in physical stores . In passing we talked about his warehouse in Mérida (Mexico) and its possibilities.

A few days later we received a claim for an order that was late from David COO of Mienvio.mx . Not only do we apologize but we ask for a meeting to learn everything you need to ship in Mexico efficiently. Chance? We don't really believe in coincidences...

We already had two things out of three almost resolved. We only needed the website .

There is one thing where shopify fails, intentionally, and that is that it allows you to change the currency to any currency but only allows you to make the payment in the currency in which you have created the online store . We could put the currency we wanted by IP depending on the country that visits it, but we could only charge in Euros.

So we had to create a new website in which throughout the process the currency was the Mexican peso.

We have carried out a small test taking a limited number of bags to Mexico, if we see that the welcome is as expected, we will "landing", we really go by plane, in the country. We already have control over how to do the export/import and the necessary procedures, if everything goes well, all you have to do is press the button.

Yes, this entire post is to tell you that we are already in Mexico, that we are capable of making deliveries in less than 5 business days and that, perhaps, one day we will continue with other countries.

Thank you for continuing to grow with us. We don't know where this will take us but every day it gets more fun.

If you have questions you can contact us at hola@minimalism.es, we will respond in less than 24 hours.


July 26, 2018

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