In a few days we celebrate a year since we launched the brand, we opened the website and we received the first order. Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning will already know that Minimalism Brand is the way of life that Pepe (my friend and partner) and I have.

We are creating a brand that represents us . We feel strong and eager to create a project with which a simple and honest type of person feels identified. Curious and hardworking. Ambitious and humble. consistent and comprehensive. People who feel like seeking freedom and who can live to their liking under respect. And last but not least, they do not care about the place to work and the context, these two are usually excuses for many...

Pepe Martín born in 1987 and I ( Victor Rodado ) born in 1989, we are from that Spanish generation diminished by the system. They have told us many things and we are left with very few, we are not at all anti-system or anything like it, but that is how we feel. They told us to follow some set steps to achieve "success" and boy did they sneak up on us. If you were born at that time you will understand for sure.

We have a feeling that there is another way to do everything.

And be careful, all this about setting up companies and risking your money does not have as much merit as it seems when you really do not know how to do anything else. Our merit and possible personal conflict would be not to work in what we like, to put aside our lifestyle and focus on making money.

Pepe is from Segovia, and you will always catch him working, running through the mountains and smiling. He worked in companies of all kinds, saved and went to travel 4 months with his backpack around the world. He createdMuerevacío and Be the Client . He has the great virtue of making a daily video and uploading it to his YouTube channel.

I am from Madrid, I studied (although I did not finish) the career of Journalism and I have been putting together projects since 2009. I set up Futmi and sold Upplication . I am completely happy when I do what I want.

We have started with the minimalist portfolio telling in detail how we do the things that go well for us and those that go wrong, opening our business and learning for all. Remember, you can see our numbers HERE

From now on we are going to launch different products thinking of ourselves, things that we need and that are aligned with our vision of the world. Products to travel, work and learn. And of course we are going to continue fighting not to depend on anyone to grow the business, maybe we will ask you for help with this.

The minimalist life is the basis , having only what you need and asking yourself if all that you have at your fingertips is really useful for your day to day life. We have chosen freedom of movement, optionality and not depending on almost anything material.

We want to work from anywhere in the world, make our brand a global brand without putting any limits on its expansion.

And, most importantly, we always want to tell you what happens in the company, how it progresses, the problems we have, the shit, the numbers... everything.

We are consistent and responsible for living something that nobody taught us to live, therefore, every day, we will continue learning.

We will never be just a brand that sells bags or backpacks.

Minimal life, free future.

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August 29, 2018

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