Today we are going to tell you about our experience in this year's Mad cool .
Obviously we did not go as artists, hopefully one day we can do it, but for now, we settle for going to set up our stand and sell our minimalist bags .
The opportunity to go to Madcool arose from an email from the organization offering us the possibility of going to the event. For us, who are still small, the mere fact of having this opportunity was a success. The response from us was clear: "Yes, we want to go, but we need to know the price because we are sure that it will be out of our budget"
How much does it cost to go to Madcool to set up a stand?
To our surprise, the cost of going to the festival is €500+VAT. We sincerely believed it was "cheap" compared to other events where we have set up a stand that are around €350-€380+VAT.
To this initial cost, several associated costs must be added:
  • Specific insurance for the festival. Between €200-250 for 4 days, covering all of us who went to the festival.
  • Hostess: €200 + VAT-IRPF to have a person to lend us a hand in case there is a lot of work. This person is only there during certain peak hours of the day.
  • Tent and materials for the stand: €150 approx.
  • Maintenance: 2-3 people the 3 days of the festival. Putting a price on this depends a lot on whether we understand beers as maintenance 😉
What does it include to pay the €500 to Madcool:
  • 3 tickets to the festival. Yes, this is very interesting.
  • Access through the service area. Taking into account that on Thursday it was a mess to enter, this is an advantage.
  • Personal attention from Madcool.
  • Stand in the central area of ​​the enclosure. In principle...
At first glance the numbers should come out on their own. Taking into account that 240,000 people were expected at the event and that we would be in the center of the festival, the exhibition was well worth the investment.
* In this post you can see the numbers we had in the Design Market. An event with 30,000 people. Offline sales funnel
But there was a mistake.
On Wednesday, one day before the festival began, the organization called us to tell us that there was a problem and that, for security reasons, we could not have the stand in the center of the event, moving to another area of ​​the venue . That yes, giving us the option of returning the investment if we decided not to go or returning 50% if we accepted the new place.
That this could have been foreseen by the organization, it is clear, but that it is of little use to lynch them for their mistake, too . We are not like that. Other posts decided to mess it up, we assumed the decision of the organization relying on the good treatment of Zeltia, Mar and Maca. In other events we have been treated much worse and organizing 240,000 people should not be easy, at least for us it seems like a difficult mess to assume and that we really like messes...
How much did we sell and how many hours were we at the festival?
Once located in the new location, perfect for listening to electronic music but not so perfect for people to see us. how much did we sell?
  • Thursday: In short, what little we sold we spent on beer. Hours from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. We extend the night a little more.
  • Friday and Saturday: things got a lot better. We recovered the investment and we were close to €1,200 between the two days. from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. These two days we also stayed up quite a bit...
Is it worth going to the festival to sell?
The answer is yes and no.
Although we have managed to recover the investment and that our brand has a little more visibility, we have not met the expectations we had. 240,000 people is a lot of people. We sincerely believed that we would sell more and that it would have more exposure, but with the change of location, the numbers did not turn out as we thought they would.
Would you go back to Madcool?
It has to rain a lot until next year but yes, we would return. Perhaps securing the location so there are no mishaps.
It goes without saying that this post is not intended to harm the organization, we have already discussed everything with them and we believe that they acted well and the communication was fluid, explaining the situation to us at all times.
If you have any questions about markets, fairs, etc... and you think we can help you, all you have to do is write to us. We answer fixed!


July 20, 2018


Blanca said:

Me parece un acierto este post, que contéis vuestra experiencia en eventos, con numeros reales, es una ayuda xa otros emprendedores para que valoren bien el invertir dinero (y sobre todo horas y hoooooras) en eventos. muchas gracias!

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