At Minimalism we always have a maxim when it comes to explaining what, how and why we do things:

"We want our customers to be informed and that with all the data we provide them, they can decide whether or not to buy at Minimalism. Above all, we want it to be a conscious purchase."

Starting from this base, we try to inform about everything we do in the company.

What have we done until now?

  • We have explained how and where we manufacture. You can see the video here .
  • We have talked about the margins that we have on each of our products (you can see it on each product sheet or on the labels of our t-shirts and sweatshirts).
  • We've explained why you do n't need a logo or brand to be part of a community or to demonstrate social status.
  • We give you the opportunity to recycle or reuse the clothes you have in your home when you receive an order from Minimalism with the Zero Textile Residue campaign.

But what about the money? Where do we declare our sales and taxes?

This topic came up in a talk we gave last year, we miss face-to-face talks, it's a fact.

They asked us several times about the way we manufacture, about the costs and margins that the textile industry has, but someone raised their hand and asked us about the place where we declared the income.

We are not going to deceive you, if you have an ecommerce or brand it is "simple" to declare your income in other countries that treat companies and entrepreneurs better (we are not here to talk about this but it would give for another post). We declare all taxes in Spain and as we want it to be clear we have decided to certify our fiscal footprint.

From today we are certified by the Knowcosters Foundation , whose mission is "We promote relevant information, so that the consumer can decide freely. Because with the right information, and without impositions, freedom of choice is exercised more fully. It is a civic approach transformer."

we declare-in-spain-our-taxes-minimalism-brand

The "match" is clear, we want you to be informed and Knowcosters works to guarantee this information, for this reason we have decided to pass the certification process that they facilitate.

Today we take a further step towards transparency and continue working to keep our clients informed.

Thank you all for making it possible 🖤 🖤 🖤


November 18, 2020


Paloma said:

Me gustaría conocer qué otros certificados tenéis con respecto al material usado en vuestras prendas, ya que en ningún sitio aparecen especificados

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