It is not a joke.

We have entered the English Court . Now we are one of their brands. It has "only" taken us 6 months since we had the first contact until you can see our portfolios in their exhibitors ;)

Many of you ask us where you can go to see our product or if we have a physical store. The answer, until today, was something like: "You can see us at fairs and markets throughout the country" and "no, we don't have a physical store, it's too small a product to set up a store, it wouldn't be profitable."

That was until today, today is the day everything changes. We will have 3 of our bags with exclusive models in various El Corte Inglés centers in the country. You can go see them, touch them and, obviously, buy them without having to wait for them to arrive at your house. This is very good for Christmas because we are all fair with the shipments ;)

As we say, these 3 models of minimalist bags are exclusive to El Corte Inglés and one of them is even a unique release: the Revolut All Black version that you have asked us for many times in markets.

We have launched in 12 physical points distributed as follows:

Madrid : Corte Inglés de Preciados , Corte Inglés de Princesa and Corte Inglés de Sanchinarro.

Barcelona : English Court of Plaza de Catalunya .

Bilbao : English Court , Gran Via

Valencia : Sorolla Painter Street

Malaga : Av, Andalusia

Seville : Nervión shopping center

Avilés(Asturias) : Grao road

Granada : Highway of the Virgin

Santander : New Mountain

Having our portfolios in 12 physical points, at the moment, throughout Spain is a luxury. Soon we will be growing, step by step, depending on the demand of each center.

For us this continues to be a game in which more people play every day.

We also want to thank you. Without us this not happened possible.

PS: if you go to any of these centers ask for the Minimalism Brand, that's how we make the brand sound familiar to them ;)


December 05, 2018

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