Today we are writing a post that is very much in line with our way of life but a bit far from the advertising campaigns that we have carried out in the past.
Like everyone else, we are growing as a brand, we learn, we listen, we fail, we succeed and we move forward.
Every day we have a clearer idea of ​​where the brand is going. Based on the slogan: "minimal life, free future" we want all the products you buy on our website to have a clear objective. These must be useful and practical for our day to day.
With the portfolios we knew that creating value was "simple", others had already done it before. But the doubts came with the backpack. Do something small and with a minimalist style or something that really solves a problem for us.
You can see our explanation in this post .
You can also see what the backpack looks like here .
We finally opted for the latter. O ur goal is to solve problems that we encounter on a day-to-day basis, thus ensuring that all our products are practical and useful.
We have been thinking about what to do on Black Friday for several days. We are in the middle of a pre-sale campaign with the backpacks , we will soon reach 100 units, thank you very much, this implies a price increase ;). And we didn't want to fall into other campaigns that we would have done in the past where the only variable we play with is price.
We are great fans of brands that maintain prices or even raise them, some examples: Thinking MU , ecoalf , Patagonia ... at this time, prioritizing the quality of their products, shipments, the real and profitable activity of a logistics center and of their carriers and above all, that they are faithful to their values .
We always go a little to the limit with what we do, we don't think this is going to change much, honestly. We have carried out campaigns that put our values ​​into question due to price, brand, exposure and other reasons that only we know since we are the ones with almost all the whys. We are not going to stop playing with the limits, but we are going to be consistent with what we believe.
At this time it is easy to buy more, so we want to remind you to only buy if you really need it.
That you need a t-shirt, buy a t-shirt, that you need some sneakers, buy some sneakers, that you need a mobile, look for an offer, that you need a purse or a 26-28 liter backpack with a compartment for clothes, a laptop and sneakers, for that we are ;)
All the offers we will make are consistent. With the backpacks we will maintain the pre-sale price scale and with the handbags we will make a special pack that is profitable for you, for all the services that surround our brand and for us.
We don't want you to stop buying, but we do want you to buy what you need.
Remember. Minimal life, free future.

If you have questions you can contact us at, we will respond in less than 24 hours.


November 22, 2018

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