Lately the media are echoing our brand and what we are doing with it. This involves face-to-face events where our work is recognized, talks where we are invited to speak, magazines, newspapers and interviews on YouTube.
This is a consequence of our daily work and we promise you that we are excited but that it does not make us go crazy either . We prefer a thousand times when you come to a fair and tell us that you have started your own project or, even, when we coincide in events and you tell us that you know the brand and the blog .
In many of these events we are asked the same question formulated in various ways:
"What are you really good at?", "What makes you better than others?"
We really believe that we are not better than anyone doing what we do, we work hard and we have a lot of base but better better... we could only be better in one thing:
"We are crazy about mud and we are willing to learn everything necessary for our project to continue growing."
We realized this yesterday when we went to pick up the backpacks at customs...what a day, luckily we have it recorded 😉
We give you examples based on how the brand has evolved so you can see what we mean.
  • When we started we went out with a woocomerce until it fell short and we had to migrate to Shopify , it took us 24 hours, in a row, to understand EVERYTHING, or almost, to be able to make a premium shopify, with languages, currencies, Ab test... and something else.
  • Our paid traffic comes from social networks . We both knew how to run a campaign on Facebook or Instagram, but we were far from knowing what we know now. Two weeks, soaking up EVERYTHING on the web and trying out what could fit our brand. Here there is a lot of trial and error and there are many daily changes, updating knowledge is very necessary.
  • When we wanted to enter Amazon , we asked several agencies for budgets to see how we could grow quickly. In the end, because of the cost, we decided to read, watch tutorials, write to people who know this channel and in the end we managed to be amazon choise on our own. It may take longer, but we arrived.
  • When we set up a logistics center to handle all shipments, we had no idea what we were doing. Now it is one of our pillars. By the way, if you need it write us an email ;)
  • When they offered us to enter the English Court , once everything had been negotiated, we had to study how to get our product to us and how to pass the controls of the Court, we promise you that it is not easy. We messed it up several times, now everything is much more controlled.
  • Design and import a backpack : When we started to paint the backpack we didn't have much idea how to do it. Working with various designers we arrived at a product that our supplier could produce. After many tests and several broken models we got what we have in the catalog today. Yesterday we had to process the customs request, we had never done this because we always ask door to door. But this time the supplier's responsibility ended upon arrival at customs. We went to process paperwork with the carrier, we had coffee with the freight forwarders who managed the DUA and the lift, we waited for our order to come out on a wheelbarrow and we loaded it into the van to take it to the warehouse.
These are several examples of how, without knowing enough about various things, we have managed to keep the company growing . We dedicate many hours, a lot of energy and a lot of money to be better every day.
We have no idea what we will have to learn in the future, maybe we will get someone into the project or raise money through a round... But one thing is clear to us, whatever it is we will continue learning, we are very happy in the mud.
To you who want to set up something, don't stay only with the pretty, go down and get dirty so that you will surely understand another part of your business.


December 14, 2018


Juan said:

Hola equipo! He leido varias de vuestras publicaciones y en resumen puedo decir que sois mi fuente de inspiración para empezar mi proyecto. Agradezco de todo corazón estas publicaciones que son un pequeñita guía para emprender.

Seguir así con este espíritu de transparencia y honestidad. Seguramente en unos años minimalismbrand sera un referente a nivel Europa y mundial! Gente como vosotros os lo merecéis.

Ánimos!!! Seguir tropezando, aprendiendo, mejorando pero siempre superándo cualquier barrera como hasta ahora.

Gracias de todo corazón!

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