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We have been sending an internal email to the team, partners and friends for almost a year summarizing how the month has gone . It is an interesting exercise that helps us stop and analyze our progress. We divide it into "The Numbers" (where we put the most relevant metrics of the business), and in the "General summary" (where we talk about the projects, milestones and plans that we have been achieving during that month).

Well, this month we have decided to make it public so that our entire community knows what is happening in the project, without cheating or cardboard. Here is everything that happened in February 2021:

THE NUMBERS - 115% growth in turnover vs February 2020 -

Billing €26,638.18. 93% of billing this month has been online. All other custom clothing orders.

P&G. Gross Margin: 56.80% / Contribution Margin: 23.72%

Conversion 1% from user to sale .

Number of orders: 425.

Recurring customers: 28%.

The best-selling garment was the Boxer: 480 units.

Average cart online: €58.

Sales/half day €951.

We have sold 1982 garments >> Men 1460 - Women 378 - Accessories 144.

Investment in Marketing: €5,340.


General. We continue to grow a lot compared to the same month of the previous year, although we also invest a lot more in traffic capture channels.

Right now we are trying to understand ceilings-floors in terms of the evolution of the CAC depending on what we are investing over time. It has been a month with a CAC higher than usual but also with an average shopping cart going up. We continue to balance new vs. recurring clients so that the CAC blended is within the established objective .

This month the cost of FB ads has skyrocketed mainly due to two problems: 1. Facebook is changing its advertising model (affected by cookies) and we have to pay attention to these weeks to see how the optimization of these costs evolves. 2. We have invested more than we should in this channel at a difficult time of year where it usually goes wrong. We learn for next year.

On the other hand, we have had slight stock issues , so we think this also helps that everything is not optimized as we want and the conversion is lower. We have already put a solution to this so that we do not fail in spring-summer. In the end, everything goes through a good cash forecast.

This month we have not been profitable . With the structure of variable and fixed expenses that we have right now, we begin to be profitable from €30k in billing if we have also well optimized MK costs. Quite an assumable objective the truth. In addition, this month we have had an extra cost of €1,600 for the investment in the development of a secret project that we have in hand.

Financing. We have signed a service with a bank to finance large payments to suppliers. With a very low commission we will be able to divide some payments that we now have important stock into up to 3 months. It comes in handy and we have it available from now on.

Shuttle. We have entered the interview process to be part of Lanzadera, Mercadona's business incubator in Valencia (on March 17, at your request, we will meet the Director in Valencia), so we have made the decision to try to enter . We are not going to accept financing (we do not need it right now), we are mainly going for the rest of the things that they offer us: space, relationship with other companies, the part of PR SEO links, etc. The reality is that as a team we want to live that experience, so let's go for it.

Secret Project . ****During this month of March we launched a new project to take another step in our commitment to transparency and the planet . We intend to make a lot of noise these weeks.

Orchard Planet . They have approached us several weeks ago with the idea of ​​selling our products on their website. We have analyzed pros and cons and we are going to see how it works. We are brands with similar audiences, and this can help us bring our purpose and products to more people. Right now we are negotiating prices and logistics with them. We will keep you informed.

New "Paper and Pencil" collection with @Lucreativo . We have been working on a new collection for weeks. This time we want to talk about creativity. We released 3 new designs that will be available for purchase on demand for a limited time . Let's see how the second collection of skins we released performs. We really like this, mixing art with our values ​​and products.

RTCOpen. We have closed an "agreement" with the Recumadrid team and also with the Barcelona team to open the Zero Textile Residue service to any brand that wants (from Madrid and BCN). We are going to set up a website and a lead capture process to help anyone who wants to be able to implement the waste collection and treatment service. We are very excited about this project and that it can be key for other companies. It is purely altruistic , we will not charge anything for it. We just think it makes sense that this service is provided by every brand in the world . We are going to try to launch it in March as a pilot test, see how many projects join and analyze how it works.

New products. Two new colors of shirts are already underway, a men's swimsuit and a women's bikini. We also have a sample of a toiletry bag to launch before summer. The Minimalism jogger is also in the oven.

Thanks for reading this far, let's go for March!

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March 09, 2021


Laura said:

¡Enhorabuena! Me encanta leer esto, seguramente pronto (cuando lo necesite) tengáis una nueva cliente 🌿

Matilde said:

Me gusta vuestro compromiso y que tengáis la fuerza para llevarlo a cabo. Un apoyo sincero desde Tarifa.

Moh,S Bikinis de Tarifa

Jordi said:

Deseando ver los nuevos colores. ya tengo que realizar nuevo pedido para renovar mis camisetas. cuando estarán disponibles?
Des de que os decubrí no he visto camisetas mejores.
seguid así! y gracias

Pau said:

Felicidades! Sois un ejemplo a seguir ;) Si sacais Pantalones para “hombre” Regular Fit ya lo petáis!!

Teresa said:

Sois geniales!

JR said:

Me encanta la transparencia – interesantísimo el email

Javier said:

Gracias por compartir !!

Joaquín Aliaga said:

Por calidad, por honestidad, por transparencia, por compromiso… sois y os estáis convirtiendo en la empresa de referencia de mucha gente ( me incluyo totalmente) .
Vuestro modelo de negocio es un ejemplo tanto a nivel comercial como social .
Seguid en esa línea y mis más sinceras felicitaciones!!!!

Borja said:

Equipo, mi más sincera enhorabuena por vuestra comunicación. No ya por los productos, la atención que dais siempre, sino por cosas como este post, donde habláis claro con nosotros: los consumidores y respetando además vuestra filosofía/ posicionamiento. ¡Mucho éxito con todo lo que nos habéis compartido! Aquí estaremos: creando comunidad. ;)

Kellys said:

Buenas saludos esta parte de la transferencia en una empresa me encanta, cuando podré comprar una de sus productos será cuestión de tiempo para que ustedes lo hagan posible. 👍🙏🙋‍♂️🤔

José said:

Si sacáis jerseys de Cuello vuelto os convertís en mi marca favorita

Es mentira, ya lo sois

Pero si fuese posible lo de los jerseys, estaría genial.

Luis said:


Susana said:

Echo de menos camisetas de manga larga para hombre y mujer.

Sergio Santamaria said:

Qué buena noticia la de que podáis entrar en Lanzadera! Es brutal el ecosistema que se ha creado alrededor, aportaréis mucho amigos. Un abrazo

Ariadna said:

¡Mucha suerte y adelante con todo! :)

Edu said:

Hace unos días, por primera vez, adquirí uno de vuestros productos estrella.

Mi impresión ha sido muy satisfactoria. Y no solo por la calidad de fabricación y materiales, que conjugan, perfectamente, con el sobrio concepto que ofreceis como empresa, sino por la confianza que transmite la transparencia con la que trabajais.

Como cliente responsable admito entusiasmo con estas nuevas propuestas, ya que, siento admiración por este tipo de proyectos.

Sin duda, expongo mi compromiso con esta marca y me consta para próximas compras. Sois unos cracks.

Un abrazo!

Natalia Elizalde said:

Me encanta la idea y creo que encaja perfectamente con vuestra línea de transparencia.

Cristian said:

Genios :D

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