Today is a special day. We present a collaboration with the Spanish illustrator Xarly Rodríguez, better known as Lucreativo .

In this collaboration we wanted to reflect concepts as abstract as imagination or the creative process. From the first moment we have sought to get to the essence, to the fundamental elements that revolve around this idea.

"Paper and pencil", that is how we have titled this capsule collection. Elementary and accessible tools with which anyone can start creating, whether by sketching, composing or putting words together.

Below you have a brief interview where we bring you closer to the artist and the person behind the illustrations.

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· Good Xarly, welcome. First of all, tell us a little about yourself. Who is Lucreative?

Good. I'm Xarly Rodríguez aka Lucreativo. Freelance designer and illustrator and full-time father. I was born in Valencia, I grew up in Mallorca and I have been surviving in Madrid for about 15 years. My day-to-day combines designer work with daily illustration for social networks and editorial projects with that of father of the creatures: breakfasts, meals, showers, games, etc...

· When and why did you start illustrating?

I think like everyone, when I was little. I scribbled with my grandfather on some sheets of paper that he took from his work, in square format. We could spend hours playing. While my schoolmates played soccer I drew. Since then I have not left it although it has not been my profession until a few years ago. I never thought of dedicating myself exclusively to what was my favorite hobby.

· Could you tell us about your career?

After giving a couple of university stumbles studying physiotherapy in Madrid and Mallorca, I decided to study Graphic Design. In 2009 I started working at Interbrand more focused on branding and until today. Co-founder of the vendevale studio, we have developed a hundred brands. In 2016 the first opportunity for an editorial project with Lunwerg came out and since then I have worked for several agencies and published several books.

What do you represent with your illustrations? What is your intention?

With my "illustrious diary" I try to represent reality. My reality or the reality seen through the eyes of the irony and sarcasm of my alter-ego Lucreativo. An acid and humorous look at the world in which we live. Almost always concepts that hide several meanings and that in some way invite some reflection.

· In your illustrations, humor usually plays a fundamental role. Tell us about the importance of using humor to communicate messages

For me, humor is a lubricant with which any message enters better. I think everything should be said with humor. All.

How do you get to the idea? Do you follow any process?

I have never stopped to think about it. I believe that ideas arise from observing, being attentive and making connections between them. I don't follow any routine, I just try to have an agenda and a pencil close by so I don't forget them. Reading is always a good starting point to give birth to ideas.

· Could you quote some of your references?

I have a very bad memory for names, but if I had to name people who have marked me so much in my style when it comes to drawing and when telling stories, I think these names will always come up: Saul Steinberg, Sempé, Paco Roca, David Mazzuccelli , Guy Delisle, Martín Morales, Ibañez, Hergé… the TBOs of my time in Brugera. But in the end you realize that you have thousands of references that have nothing to do with illustration. Movies, books, writers… pretty much anything that suddenly moves you and makes you change something.

· In these days when we have missed bars, you have illustrated a book in the form of vignettes on the figure of the waiter. How was the experience? What have you learned from that project?

Yes, this year I have published with Grijalbo “Soy Camarero”. A script by @soycamarero that puts us in the shoes of a waiter with various touches of humor. Very directed to the guild. A different but very fun experience. Illustrating someone's script isn't always easy, but we had a great time and the book turned out great. It was my first graphic novel so it was a challenge from which I got a lot of information and a new routine for this type of work.

· This collection revolves around creativity, imagination... What role do you think these skills can play at a social level?

I believe that creativity is not only a trait of people who are dedicated to the arts or activities directly related to it. I believe that everyone is and should be creative in everything they do. There is nothing more creative than a family with few resources that has to reinvent itself every day to put a plate of food on the table, and that has nothing to do with art. It would be great if everyone felt more creative, if they were more popular. With everything we've been through in the last year, I think this has become more important than ever. You have to have more waist, be open to change and above all be very attentive. Those are qualities of someone creative to my way of understanding, of course.

· What is minimalism for you?

Minimalism is a way of life. A culture. I think it goes beyond consumption or type of consumption. At home we are very respectful of the environment and we consume responsibly. For years we "complicated" our lives by buying in bulk, avoiding buying packaged products and cooking organically. That is now seen as something elitist and is often reflected in the cost of the purchase, but for us it is to be consistent with our way of thinking. We are also with the education of our children and the values ​​that we try to instill in our family. In the end, having less stuff makes you lighter and more mobile. But it's not easy, we still have a lot to learn and change, but here we go.

· If you had the opportunity to change something in the world, what would it be?

If I could change the world… I guess I would start with the political masses and with society. We have become distrustful, greedy and envious in a very few years with respect to the past two generations. I would go back to something more natural and closer to nature. A world with empathy, where "enough" was really enough :)

That's all folks.

Thank you very much!!

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March 10, 2021

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