We are not into victimhood, but we are not going to deny you that this 2021 has been a hard, intense and beautiful year . The 3 things have taken over everything we have done. We have launched beautiful projects, we have managed to convince many people to use our products and we have suffered many weeks when we were trying to reconcile the money we had in the bank. The Minimalism of today is completely different from that of a year ago, we are too .

Throughout 2021 we have made a significant effort to be true to ourselves. We haven't made sales all year, we have launched several surveys to choose which new products we develop and of course we have dedicated time and money to our purpose .


Minimalism is not sustainable, we impact the planet every time we make a new garment and someone buys it from us. This is a reality and it is better to face it without hiding. That is why in the spring we underwent an audit to measure the depth of this environmental impact and how to solve it. That is why we created the “ Carbon Neutral ” project, to offset the entire carbon footprint generated by our orders. We do not pass on this cost to our client at any time, it seems to us the most honest and fair way to reward our clients for choosing us.


In June we launched what is undoubtedly the project with the most impact of all the ones we have carried out. We were one of the suppliers in charge of manufacturing the shirt designed by Pau Donés "Living is Urgent" . We put a lot of enthusiasm and desire, but the project was poorly dimensioned from the beginning and many things were done wrong. The reality is that it was great for us, since everything was sized for about 5,000 shirts and 5,000 were sold in the first few days . We had serious cash flow problems, we didn't meet the deadlines and we were about to lose €200K in material.

There were times when we saw Minimalism in danger, but finally, after many phone calls and being honest, we were able to carry everything forward without our suppliers suffering the least bit. All of this has generated significant treasury stress that has not allowed us to launch everything we wanted in the last quarter of the year.


We have managed to invoice more than double compared to last year , and we have had sustainable growth in the online store, greatly improving the repetition rate. In addition, the B2B channel has grown a lot this year. More than 31,000 garments sold in our online store and a +32% purchase recurrence.

We have managed to increase the average ticket without the CAC being affected (from €54 to €60), only 13% of the turnover has gone to marketing. In general it has been a year of very good numbers.


This has not worked as well as we had in our heads. When we launched our Zero Textile Waste service, many companies wrote to congratulate us, which is why we saw it as obvious that we open it to any project, that it be public and free for any company that wants to help its customers recycle clothes. We have been lucky that Lagaam , among others, wanted to participate and promote the certificate . But there have been few more companies that have come to ask and much less that have decided to implement it. Let's see if we are capable in 2022 of giving a little more strength to this project that we see as obvious and totally necessary for any textile e-commerce of the present.

Of course, this year we have been able to collect 240kg of clothing and recycle it.


Lucreativo , Rocío Egío , Alberto Miranda , José Antonio Roda and 72 kilos . Nothing more and nothing less. We have talked about Freedom, Love, Creativity and Bio Life. Sweatshirts and t-shirts in sustainable pre-sale that we have really enjoyed from concept to launch.


After more than 2 years of life we ​​have 34 episodes . This 2021 we have been able to chat with projects as beautiful as Lagaam , Brava Fabrics , Syra Coffee or Santa Fixie . The truth is that we really enjoy the podcast and beware that this year we have achieved 40,000 listeners .


  • €703,215.32 billing
  • 128% growth vs year 2020
  • 6,356 orders in the online store
  • 31,864 garments sold in the online store
  • 563,000 store visits
  • 1.13% conversion
  • 60€ medium cart online
  • €12 CPA

*All these data are with VAT incl.


This year has been characterized in Minimalism by becoming even more aware of the impact we generate by creating garments and bringing them to you, which is why through the " Carbon Neutral " project we have managed to neutralize the inevitable impact we produce. These are the numbers:

  • 23,622,146 liters of water saved
  • 99,550 kilograms of CO2 avoided
  • 300,907 kilowatt hours saved
  • 240 kilograms of clothing collected and recycled

We are going for 2022 with a clear mission, to sell consciously manufactured products for conscious people.

Thanks for being a part :)

January 10, 2022 — Victor Rodado


Jorge Toledo said:

Sois unos grandes, felicidades. Aprendo mucho de vosotros y vuestros invitados. Tengo marca de ropa y tienda multimarca en Gran Canaria de hace unos añitos. Sé que pronto se cruzarán nuestros caminos. Un saludo y ánimo, que lo estáis haciendo de PM.

Minimalism said:

Hola Andre!
No, no es de 110€ el ticket. Una cosa son los pedidos online (B2C) y otra el B2B, en el que estamos poniendo foco este año con campañas gordas.
La facturación reflejada es la global ;)

Un saludo!

Andre said:

Según vuestros datos, el ticket medio debería ser de 110€, porque si fuera de 60€ la facturación entonces sería mucho menos.

En todo caso, gran trabajo, felicidades.

Minimalism said:

Hola Aritz!
Respondo a tus dudas:
- No sabemos si a nuestros clientes les interesa o no la verdad, creemos que sí jajajajaj. Pero es una buena fuente de tráfico orgánico. También lo hacemos porque creemos que más empresas deberían hacerlo, cuanto más transparentes seamos más información tendrán los clientes y mejor decidirán.
- B2B no hacemos publi. Suele venir del podcast ;)
- Si echas números con los datos que hay en el post puedes sacar más o menos qué corresponde a cada cosa sin problema.

Un saludo!

LUIS flores said:

simplemente os quiero felicitar, me gusta mucho vuestro proyecto y me apetecía escribiros esto

Aritz Gartzia said:

Grandes números 👏👏 mucho que aprender de vosotros.

Me atrevo con unas preguntas:

-Siempre he tenido la curiosidad de a qué porcentaje de vuestros clientes realmente les interesa las métricas económicas?
-Tema B2B cuanto % se lleva de esos 700K?
-Como se capta un B2B en minimalism, organic o paid o ambas?

Sois un gran referente en Brand management y E-Commerce, enhorabuena por lo que hacéis.

Abrazo fuerte!!

Minimalim said:

Hola Javier!
Aquí Pepe.
Somos rentables casi desde el primer pedido ;)
Inversión en Mk: 76K
clientes nuevos entorno al 62%

Javier Ruiz said:

Súuuuuper interesante Víctor y Pepe, menudo trabajazo ese crecimiento! No sé hasta qué punto podéis compartir esta info (como si fuera poco lo que contáis!), pero allá van las consultas :)

- Habéis llegado a breakeven?
- % de clientes nuevos?
- Inversión en marketing?

Kellys said:

Creo nunca podré adquirir una prenda minimalista.
Voy a tener que mudarme, a Europa. 🤔🙋‍♂️

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