Right now, writing this post on a plane and flying over Brazil. In 2 hours we arrive in Montevideo and we will stay in this part of the world for a long time. My partner Rocío and I “will stay”, trying to achieve the goal we had as a team: to grow our projects (she has a very fun jewelry brand ) working from anywhere in the world.


Minimalism definitely becomes a 100% remote company , Pepe will be between Madrid-Segovia and some European city. I will be in some South American country. Our logistics center is in Becerril de la Sierra, our factories are in China, Bangladesh and recently also in Spain (new products are coming). After a year 2018 where we worked from 5 different countries at specific times, we have now taken the definitive step to be a remote company.

We have been preparing it from the beginning and have been testing it for 2-3 months. We use management tools that allow us to do so, and in the last two weeks we have done a great job of reflecting on where we want to take the brand and what the product strategy will be (we are crazy about this and we will tell you everything shortly) .

The sales of the backpacks work, the feedback is very positive and the bag is becoming a famous product in some Spanish cities. All this added to our "madness" has encouraged us to make the somersault.

I say "deadly" but it is totally untrue. If the company is compromised by remote management, we will get back together and lay the foundations for what we want to be/do. That's what's cool about what we're creating, something flexible and honest with a lot of work behind it.


Besides, things get fun because we go from being 2 to being 4 in the team . We have signed Jesús Castillejo to help us take the brand on the right track. A young person who will give the icing that we need to the aesthetics and the product.

Walter Kobylanski also joins the team, becomes part of the Board of Directors and will have an important % of the company. It will help us a lot in the strategy and in the long way we have to go to bring Minimalism to the level we want.


In this blog we have always talked about avoiding private financing or moving it away over time as much as possible and thus having more control over the company. We have spent a year and a half financed with personal savings and with the sales generated by the business itself, and with that we have managed to invoice more than €150,000 with a team of two people .

From October to December, the madness took over Minimalism, we have not stopped growing-selling-investing. In these months it has cost us a lot to maintain the rhythm of investment and production without causing the bank's cash to suffer. We have also spoken with the most successful e-commerce companies in the country and we have learned that it is necessary to make quick and large investments in creating a brand and in producing new products. Conclusion: money is needed to do things well and in a big way in an ecommerce.

It is for all this that we have made a small round of financing in order to grow the project throughout this year.

As always, we are telling you all the important steps we are taking and their causes. We are very excited about what this 2019 will be and in a few days we will tell you very interesting things.

February 28, 2019

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