The first, before going into detail, and to save future criticism. This post is not a complaint, nor is it the result of a lack of adaptation to a market that is becoming more agile and demanding every day.
It is a high reflection that many "small" ecommerce have. And since we tell you EVERYTHING, including our numbers , we want to tell you this.
Relatively recently I read this text in which Arizona Vintage said: "In what we invest the most, in addition to having a very careful online sales network because they demand the same conditions from us as other giants in the sector such asInditex ..."Well, if You apply this to logistics, we couldn't agree more.
Amazon is busting all markets, and will continue to do so. He started by reading, he continued to give shelter to those who wanted to sell their products and now he tries to revolutionize the food sector.
We are equal parts lovers and enemies of this platform . Amazon makes us learn, makes our guard never drop, makes us improve. It's like Nadal and Federer , one would not be the same without the other. Well, eliminating the differences in the previous simile, which are many, something similar happens to us.
Amazon has spoiled us all. The customer, we are also customers of other ecommerce, wants the agility that amazon has regardless of the size of the online store where they are buying. It doesn't matter if your order comes from another country or if the owner of the company packs it 24 hours a night at home to be able to take it out first thing in the morning. The customer doesn't care. He has paid for it and wants it as soon as possible. And that, gentlemen, has educated us this giant.
Amazon has taught us that if we are in bed at 11 pm and we press a button, paying a monthly subscription, it must be said, we can have our order at 8 in the morning waiting for us in the office.
We promise you that this is very crazy for someone who is dedicated to the ecommerce world. We, honestly, still don't know how they do it, we imagine it, but we don't know for sure...
When we meet at our logistics center and say: "hey, we have to do everything possible to send the orders in less than 12 hours. Everyone's faces are... well, you'll tell us how."
Alternatives we consider:
  • Leave X orders prepared so they don't have to be manufactured? unfeasible, we have 10 variables (products) is not possible.
  • Make two daily collections in our warehouse. We are studying this. Now we have one at 12 in the morning and we could put another one at 8 pm. Questionable.
  • Do we send the orders that are in the downtown area with another delivery man that is not our usual one? on motorcycle? with balloon for example? this option is only viable if the client is in the center of the capital. Non-viable.
Analyzing other ecommerce that we are fans of, Trendsplant and Pompeii , we have seen that we are not the only ones that cannot satisfy the urgent desire of our customers. They all have deliveries between 24 hours and 72. And no ecommerce does it in less than 12. Note that we have managed to deliver in 17 hours with express mail and charging the customer €2.5 extra, but go down from there, we see non-viable.
And now comes the doubt or reflection:
What is the future?
Will/will clients learn to control that urgency that we all have? o Will customers decide to stop using our platforms because they can't wait 48 hours to receive their order?
We don't have the answer but we would love to know yours.
While we resolve it, we will continue working to deliver quickly, without errors and meeting your and our expectations.
PS: By the way, we are also on Amazon , we are learning to position the products but if there is an expert in the room, please write to us at, we need you.
January 18, 2018


Margarita said:

Estaba mirando vuestras cartera para unos regalos y me topo con vuestro blog, me encanta porque pensaba que escribíais de los productos, de tendencias, de moda, lo típico vamos. Pero para mi sorpresa (que también soy emprendedora en una ecommerce) ha sido todo un descubrimiento porque las vivencias son similares, esa angustia de no poder entregar más rápido y todo lo demás :)
Una pregunta como conseguiste correo express a 17 horas tan barato? y otra duda, Crees que vuestra campaña de GRATISHOY mereció la pena a pesar de las incidencias con el stock?

Carlos A..A.O. said:

Totalmente de acuerdo con vuestra visión. Por lo que he detectado en el mercado (mi empresa se dedica a prestar servicios logísticos a ecommerce) la preocupación de muchos ecommerce es como reducir los costes de envío para poder adaptarse al “Envío gratis”. Unos apretando a las empresas de envío, otros reduciendo margen… (quizás en productos con un precio unitario alto pueden asumirse esas reducciones de margen) pero en un producto con precio unitario más bajo o margen muy ajustado, no es posible.
La tendencia será a trasladar todo o parte del coste de ese envío al comprador. Amazon lo hace, te cobra una cuota anual para poder tener envios gratis y de hecho tuvo que incrementar esa cuota.

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