This idea and subsequent collaboration arises with an innocent comment.
We were at a Seedrocket event at Campus Madrid listening to our friend Pablo de Worona as he explained his business model, projection and necessary investment... and an idea came to mind: "Why don't we do something with Campus?"
In short, we have worked in their facilities a thousand times, we have given and received talks and training, we have been to all kinds of events, including pizza and beers, we understand their philosophy and we share their values... In addition, our target audience is clearly restless, creative, minimalist and, perhaps, enterprising people.
The idea was clear in our heads, now "only" was left to think about how to make it come true.
At that same event, in the public, were those responsible for Campus Programs , Rufo and Rober... We are very much into "letting go" of the ideas we have: "hey guys, why don't we make an exclusive portfolio for campus? For the merchandising, promotions etc...?"
They liked the idea, since they are users and prescribers of our products, and they put us in contact with Patricia (Marketing Manager at Campus Madrid).
We had a clear proposal, to create what would be the first minimalist portfolio rebranded with a logo and exclusive design based on their corporate colors. In our minds it was something like: "Madrid Campus Model, the Google space for entrepreneurs by minimalism Brand" Every time we remember it, we smile.
After several emails, designs, budgets and 4 weeks of production. We have taken that innocent idea that comes from a proactive environment such as Campus Madrid to a reality in the form of a portfolio rebranded by us for them.
Thanks to Campus Madrid for trusting us. It will not be the last collaboration with the Google house nor the last rebranding. Stay tuned ;)
Yes, in the newsletter you will receive offers before anyone else ;)
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January 11, 2018

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