Illusion and ambition, is the perfect mix to start this post.

We officially announce that we are starting to sell in our first store in Europe, in Spain, in Madrid. Starting today we will have a physical point where you can go see and touch the bags.

Where? dSpace Concept Store at Calle Belén 10, Madrid. We leave you a link to know how to get there. We recommend you go to the store, it's very pretty.

Why this place? It fits perfectly with our way of seeing design, product and consumption. The store is wonderful, with exclusive and quality products. You will not find anything in the store that is not original, everything is designed with a lot of love. Our wallets have hard work behind them, that's why we believe they shouldn't be sold in any store. In addition, Ana and Alex from dEspacio have trusted us and our product from the beginning. Thank you very much!

Why not just dedicate yourself to selling online? We have a product that surprises in hand. It is original and risky, and for this reason we want anyone who wants to touch the bag before buying it to be able to do so without any problems. We also want to learn from that part of the business, see how it works and rely on some stores with experience to gain brand image.

We are clear that the highest % of sales in our business will come from online but we do not want to turn our backs on a leg of the business that has many possibilities.

Any place outside of Madrid where I can see the portfolios? Not for now, we are only in this store in the center of Madrid. We want to be in several cities in Spain. We are going to choose very well which stores we go to. If you are the owner or know of a store in your city where we can sell our bags, write to us at

December 04, 2017

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