We have made several mistakes and we will surely continue to make them...
Some have been larger and others smaller. In the beginning it is something "normal" but that it is the final customer who pays for it is not a dish of good taste for anyone. Nor for us.
We knew that our product could be well received. Above all, once the customer touches it and uses it. For this reason, we wanted to introduce as many handbags as possible to the market so that people would get to know us and gradually grow as a brand.
We considered several campaigns and finally decided to give the bag away and charge only the shipping costs.
The final price of the wallet, after entering the code: FREEHOY, remained at €5.95. A price in which we had almost no margin and with which we wanted to make the product known. In addition to loading visits to the web and keeping cookies.
Our estimate, on paper, was to sell between 100 and 250 bags. We had all of them in our warehouse and we could cover the shipments in less than 72 hours. We would make them by hand without depending on a logistics center.
But, as it happens from time to time, the forecasts are not fulfilled. The campaign was Thursday and Friday but on Thursday everything blew up.
Orders began to fall from early in the morning. They published us in blogs for offers and the party began.
Received visits from everywhere, and requests, reaching the server down twice on Thursday.
We decided, perhaps it was a mistake, that due to the good reception it made no sense to stop the campaign even if we ran out of stock and waited for the next order that was already on its way. The objective was clear. Put the product on the market. The mistake was imputing this wait to the client directly.
The first 500 orders were launched the week after launching the campaign and the rest had a delay of 4-5 weeks.
Perhaps it was not the best decision not to cut the campaign at that time... but we take full responsibility for doing it this way. In fact, we sent an email signed by Pepe explaining the delay and delay in orders and the situation we were experiencing. It was something like "pulling down" his pants and explaining to the 4 winds the situation and how we were going to solve it. We are transparent for better or for worse, but that's the way we are...Many clients understood it and others did not. At all times, and for those who believed it was a scam or could not wait, we offered to return the money without any problem.
During this wait we received many emails, DM on instagram and messages on facebook. We attended to all, or almost, in less than 1 hour from the moment we received them, including Saturdays and Sundays. The objective was to eliminate harshness, coldness and try, sometimes in vain, to give security to the customer's purchase.
We finally released all the orders 4 weeks after the promotion from the logistics center, right on Black Friday with two...knowing that our carrier had 30% more orders and that they would be delayed for another week...that's how it starts; )
Perhaps it was a mistake or a good marketing campaign, we left it to your choice, but both the way of launching the products, the aggressive campaign, the attention given during it and the transparency reflect our way of working and the values ​​of the team.
We will continue to make mistakes, we hope that each day they influence you less. Thank you for growing with us. You can subscribe at the following link so you don't miss any news or promotions ;)
December 14, 2017


Maria Eugenia said:

Puede haber sido un riesgo, pero en eso consiste el emprendimiento, como bien lo sabéis… para la próxima, con indicar “el número máximo de unidades al que se limita la promo”, os cubre. A cambio habéis comprobado que el producto sí tiene buena acogida… quién no invertirá a futuro en alguien que consigue todos estos clientes en un día?
Por aquí estrenando el modelo azul y rojo. Ya os contaré si supera las vacaciones : )
Mucha suerte!

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