Many times we receive these types of messages on our Instagram account or in the mail .

"I really like what you do, the design of your website , your Instagram account, the philosophy of the brand and your products . I would like to start in minimalism but I am not sure how to do it, can you help me? "

Of course, we are going to try to explain how we think you should get started in minimalism and how we can help you from Minimalism .

First of all, don't go crazy and start throwing away all the clothes you have at home, don't do it.

There is a better trick for this:

TRICK to be MINIMALIST : Take a box and put the clothes that you rarely wear in it. Leave out of it the one you use daily and be more practical for you. Leave the rest in the box and only open the box if you really need what's inside.

You will see, as the weeks go by you will get used to only having the clothes you have in your closet and you will not miss the clothes you have stored.

The best option for these clothes is that you donate them or give them away , you can also sell them and get an extra that serves as a reward for getting started in minimalism.

Once you have located the garments you need, only buy if they are worn out or no longer fit.

The ideal is that you do not buy on impulse , that you buy in a thoughtful way, understanding how and where the products you are going to buy have been manufactured.

For example, if you have left 7 t-shirts in your closet, do not buy 7 t-shirts at once, buy 3 new ones and continue using the other 4 until they wear out and then change them.

You can apply this to all kinds of garments and products:

"Use the same ones, amortize them, and once worn, buy a substitute that fulfills the same function as the worn product"

If you follow these little tricks you will be able, little by little, to get started in minimalism without being stressed by the process.

February 09, 2021

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