nuestra comunidad nos da su opinion sobre que es el minimalismo en Minimalism Brand

What is minimalism for our clients? - Part 1

For us it is very important to know the opinion of our clients and to know the different points of view they have, whether in relation to their needs, way of consuming or lifestyle.

At Minimalism we consult everything with our community, from what products to make to what your ideal backpack would look like . With this information we make decisions that end up being put into practice.

The last query we have made to our public has been "What is minimalism for you?" It is a broad and very transcendental question "What is minimalism for me?" We each have a world view. Everyone has experiences. Hence everyone has their own definition of minimalism .

"Live with what you really need, leaving aside the superfluous. Go to the essence" @mariavgarcialopez

"Less is more 🤍 " @fionnastudio

"Have what it takes" @hector605

"What is necessary and just to be happy" @noeliaog

"Be aware of what you really need" @saulgilbarroso

"Freedom @cccarabajal _

"Essence, functional, utility" @sesmilo

"Consciously decide what you need and buy according to your values" @tannhauser

"Express a concept with the minimum elements and that can be repeated as a pattern" @boxoms

"Liberation and connection" @perlabana

"Only worry about what is truly necessary, not what society tells me is" @ xuann011

"Non-material happiness and not being a slave to consumption and belongings" @andrearquia

"Become aware of the things we have and keep those that give us" @m_snowstorm

"A way of life. Do not own or use more than you need even if you can afford it. 💚 "@christian.castillejo

Minimalism is a project of everyone and for everyone. So in this post we give voice to the members of this great family 🤍

Now is your turn. What is minimalism for you?


¿Qué es el minimalismo en diseño de producto digital?

What is minimalism in digital product design?

Before talking about minimalism in digital product design, we must start by talking about usability.

"Usability is defined as the extent to which a product can be used by specific users to achieve objectives with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a given context."

Based on this description, a total of 10 usability principles were defined that serve as general guidelines for the creation of graphical interfaces.

Among these principles we can highlight number 8, "Aesthetic and minimalist design" . According to this principle, interfaces should not contain information that is irrelevant or rarely needed. That is, the minimalist design only shows the information that the user needs at that moment. It rejects the ornament and the decorative, since each additional unit of information ends up competing with the relevant information, generating less visibility of the main message. At Minimalism we apply it to our Home and Product Pages .

A minimalist design does not mean that everything has to be in black and white, aesthetic and minimalist design seeks a logical hierarchy of content so that the user fulfills his objective in the simplest way possible.

The minimalist design puts the focus on the content rather than the container. In minimalist design, content is king, so any external noise that creates distractions is rejection. In minimalist design, everything must respond to a reason, it must have a purpose, a function. Know the whys of Minimalism

This minimalist principle can also be applied at the business level. When you eliminate everything superfluous, you are left with the essence, your values ... which is what is really important, and what people connect with.

Follow this link if you want to delve into Jakob Nielsen's 10 principles of usability

¿Qué es el minimalismo como estilo de vida? | Minimalism Brand

What is minimalism as a lifestyle? | Minimalism Brand

In today's post we are going to deal with the topic of Minimalism as a lifestyle from our experience and point of view in Minimalism Brand.

We already explained the other day that minimalism , for us, is not just having a few things, but rather that these should be useful for our day to day life and should play a role in our lives . Understanding that the ideal is not to buy on impulse, buy in a thoughtful way, understanding how and where the products you are going to buy have been manufactured.

Minimalism can be understood in many ways and applies to many aspects of our lives.

It can be applied to design, to the real estate sector, to a way of life, to a form of consumption's not just a trend, a format or a pretty Instagram account , it's much more.

For example:

Minimalism can affect our way of consumption and our wardrobe:

"I don't buy to buy, I only buy things that I really need and use, I try that most of my purchases are not impulsive and are thoughtful" .

This is said by Pepe Martín (founder of Minimalism in one of his videos ).

Another example is how Minimalism affects our way of life and style:

The fact of having few things and knowing that they are all useful for day-to-day life can save us time, help us make better decisions and thus eliminate stress from our lives.

"We discovered this empirically by traveling the world with a backpack in which we only carried what was important."

Víctor Rodado comments in the interview that Business Insider conducted with us.

Knowing that we do not need many things, we will not have to worry about buying more or wanting more, what we have is what we need and use.

This also helps us not to have to compare ourselves, thanks to minimalism we know what we need and we don't care if the neighbor has a bigger house, a car that runs faster or wears such a brand on his clothes, we don't need to compare ourselves or be marked with great logos to know who we are or what community we belong to.

We try to carry out this way of applying minimalism to our lives in our brand to promote the conscious manufacture of products at affordable prices without the need for logos or brands. Thus promoting that our customers only buy when they really need it.

This is how we see minimalism and how we believe it can help reduce stress, create a habit of responsible consumption.

¿Cómo EMPEZAR con el MINIMALISMO? | Minimalism brand

How to GET STARTED with MINIMALISM? | Minimalism brand

Many times we receive these types of messages on our Instagram account or in the mail .

"I really like what you do, the design of your website , your Instagram account, the philosophy of the brand and your products . I would like to start in minimalism but I am not sure how to do it, can you help me? "

Of course, we are going to try to explain how we think you should get started in minimalism and how we can help you from Minimalism .

First of all, don't go crazy and start throwing away all the clothes you have at home, don't do it.

There is a better trick for this:

TRICK to be MINIMALIST : Take a box and put the clothes that you rarely wear in it. Leave out of it the one you use daily and be more practical for you. Leave the rest in the box and only open the box if you really need what's inside.

You will see, as the weeks go by you will get used to only having the clothes you have in your closet and you will not miss the clothes you have stored.

The best option for these clothes is that you donate them or give them away , you can also sell them and get an extra that serves as a reward for getting started in minimalism.

Once you have located the garments you need, only buy if they are worn out or no longer fit.

The ideal is that you do not buy on impulse , that you buy in a thoughtful way, understanding how and where the products you are going to buy have been manufactured.

For example, if you have left 7 t-shirts in your closet, do not buy 7 t-shirts at once, buy 3 new ones and continue using the other 4 until they wear out and then change them.

You can apply this to all kinds of garments and products:

"Use the same ones, amortize them, and once worn, buy a substitute that fulfills the same function as the worn product"

If you follow these little tricks you will be able, little by little, to get started in minimalism without being stressed by the process.