For us it is very important to know the opinion of our clients and to know the different points of view they have, whether in relation to their needs, way of consuming or lifestyle.

At Minimalism we consult everything with our community, from what products to make to what your ideal backpack would look like . With this information we make decisions that end up being put into practice.

The last query we have made to our public has been "What is minimalism for you?" It is a broad and very transcendental question "What is minimalism for me?" We each have a world view. Everyone has experiences. Hence everyone has their own definition of minimalism .

"Live with what you really need, leaving aside the superfluous. Go to the essence" @mariavgarcialopez

"Less is more 🤍 " @fionnastudio

"Have what it takes" @hector605

"What is necessary and just to be happy" @noeliaog

"Be aware of what you really need" @saulgilbarroso

"Freedom @cccarabajal _

"Essence, functional, utility" @sesmilo

"Consciously decide what you need and buy according to your values" @tannhauser

"Express a concept with the minimum elements and that can be repeated as a pattern" @boxoms

"Liberation and connection" @perlabana

"Only worry about what is truly necessary, not what society tells me is" @ xuann011

"Non-material happiness and not being a slave to consumption and belongings" @andrearquia

"Become aware of the things we have and keep those that give us" @m_snowstorm

"A way of life. Do not own or use more than you need even if you can afford it. 💚 "@christian.castillejo

Minimalism is a project of everyone and for everyone. So in this post we give voice to the members of this great family 🤍

Now is your turn. What is minimalism for you?


April 15, 2021

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