Recycled cotton scarf

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Recycled cotton scarf. Made in Spain. No logos.

  • Perfect for cold days.
  • Soft and tasty like all our garments.
  • One size, two colors


  • 35% recycled cotton.
  • 57% acrylic non-animal wool.
  • 9% recycled polyester.
    Shipping and returns

    Free express shipping from €60*. Free size changes in the Peninsula and Portugal.

    For more information visit the following link

    Cost breakdown

    Material and manufacturing costs: €9.90

    Logistics and packaging costs: €4.40

    Gross profit: €9.70 , from which all salary, marketing and tax expenses should be subtracted

    Conscious manufacturing

    We manufacture our garments with organic cotton and recycled polyester in Spain and Portugal, respecting the environment and enhancing their quality and durability.