PARTICIPATES. Nobody Without Their Daily Ration + Minimalism.

During this week, all food donations made through theNo One Without Their Daily Ration ” app or website can be entered into a draw for a gift card valued at 100 euros , redeemable for Minimalism products.


What is “Nobody Without Their Daily Ration”?

It is a project that has digitized the food donation process to make it more sustainable and efficient. Its operation is "simple". You access from your app or website and mark the amount you want to donate. Thanks to its technology, money can be tracked with complete transparency. This money is deposited in money cards intended for people who really need it. Finally, these families can transform that money into food in different Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, eliminating the social stigma caused by the so-called "hunger queues".

In today's podcast we have interviewed Kilian Zaragozá, CEO and Co-founder of this initiative, he tells you better .

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April 11, 2022

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