You wake up, turn on the coffee maker and have a coffee to start the day with energy 💪 ☕ Mid-morning, coffee. After lunch, coffee... Few things we repeat so much throughout the day (beyond brushing our teeth).

For the Minimalism team, coffee has become a basic and something to continue learning about (varieties, roasts, origins, coffee machines...). So we wanted to pay him a little tribute 🙏


We have joined forces with the friends of Syra Coffee to develop a very special coffee.

A few months ago we posed a challenge to Yassir's team, CEO of Syra Coffee :

"Could we bring out the 'most transparent' coffee that has ever been marketed? That is, a coffee where we know exactly where it comes from, who has grown it, why... "

And it seems that we have achieved it ❤️👇


This small batch of Minimalism x Syra Coffee comes from the El Mesón farm in the Huila region (Colombia). In 2016, Luz Divia “Sandy” Fierro and her husband Elpidio “Pillo” Carrillo moved to this land and planted 20,000 pink bourbon coffee plants. This coffee that you are about to try comes from the first batch of trees that Sandy and Pillo planted in 2017 . Know more

Coffee + T-shirt

But we didn't want the collaboration between Syra Coffee and Minimalism to end here. We have opened a presale of t- shirts illustrated by the Syra team . Is there anything better than an Italian coffee maker to illustrate this collection?


Go to Syra Coffee x Minimalism collection

May 03, 2022

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